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Today the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the most dynamic and harmoniously developing countries of the Central Asian region and the CIS.

The country has huge reserves of mineral resources and has significant reserves of oil and gas that allow to include it in the category of the largest oil producers in the world. Kazakhstan occupies a leading place among the CIS countries by volume of mineral reserves.

Several long-term socio-economic reforms successfully implemented within Kazakhstan Strategy 2050, helping to build a stable, modern and future economic, social, political and administrative framework for successful business development .

Active business and successful business development especially require competent legal support of projects and transactions. This not only reduces the risks and prevent possible negative consequences, including material, in some situations, but also improves the image of the Company as a whole, indicates a high level of culture and doing business.

For more than 10 years Integrites has provided high quality and effective legal services to foreign and local companies for a successful doing business in Kazakhstan.

Integrites – one of the leading international law firm in CIS with more than 100 lawyers and a network of offices and representatives in Kazakhstan (Aktau, Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Karaganda), China (Guangzhou), Germany (Munich), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Russia (Moscow), Ukraine (Kiev) and the United Kingdom (London).

Integrites lawyers have been recognized by international experts including The Legal500, Chambers and Partners, IFLR1000 and Who’s Who Legal.

Clients of Integrites Kazakhstan operate in the following sectors:

  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Banking and Finance
  • Construction
  • Fuel and Energy
  • Investment
  • Industry and Trade
  • Light and Food Industry
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Natural Resources
  • Telecommunications and Information Technologies
  • Tourism
  • Transport

Lawyers of Integrites’s Kazakhstan office have unique expertise in the following practices:

  • Antimonopoly and Competition Law
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate Law/M&A
  • Currency and Customs Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Environmental Law
  • Finance and Securities
  • Intellectual Property
  • International and National Arbitration
  • Labour Law
  • Licences and Permits
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Subsoil Use
  • Tax Law
  • Trade Finance

Recent experience of Integrites Kazakhstan:

  • Representation of interests of a major Canadian mineral mining company in negotiations with the Ertis Social and Entrepreneurship Company on the joint development of a gold field with financing obligations in the amount of 4,500,000 US dollars; support of direct negotiations with the competent authority and execution of the subsurface use contract;
  • Drafting a consortium agreement between major construction companies for a joint implementation of the construction project: a multifunctional office and residential compound in Almaty, (estimated cost: 250,000,000 US dollars);
  • Structuring and support of the transaction regulating acquisition of the controlling block of shares of a major Kazakh confectionery factory;
  • Legal review of the partnership agreement and participation in negotiations with the Tauken-Samruk National Mining Company on connection with acquisition of the subsurface rights for development of a copper field;
  • Adapting the FIDIC-based contract’s terms to Kazakh regulations and requirements at request of an international software development company;
  • Representation of interests of the largest Russian oil & gas company before court in the case for recognition of illegality of investigation of antitrust law violations and charges of anti-competition coordinated actions;
  • Consulting a major Ukrainian alcohol goods manufacturer on recognition of illegality of the trademark registration;
  • Obtaining a license to provide services in the field of the atomic power use for a major U.S. company engaged in designing major industrial objects;
  • Obtaining a license to perform the works associated with the lifecycle stages of the atomic power use subjects for a major U.S. company engaged in designing major industrial objects;
  • Preparing a memo for a Russian servicing company on the types of the taxes applied in Kazakhstan to the activity of a servicing company with a foreign participation;
  • Preparing a legal opinion on optimization of the tax impact following acquisition of a controlling block of shares of a major Kazakh confectionery factory;
  • Consulting major Kazakh and international companies on taxation of the income obtained from the sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan by the non-residents registered (incorporated) in the states with preferential taxation (offshore);
  • Representation of interests of a major Canadian mineral mining company in the process of obtaining a geological allotment, settlement of the dispute with the competent authority concerning the geological allotment’s borders;
  • Support of the transaction regulating alientation of a share in a Kazakh oil producing company, including support of obtaining the government’s waiver of the preference right, permission for the transaction from a competent authority and permission for economic concentration from the antitrust authority. 
  • Structuring and support of a transaction regulating sale of a land plot in Almaty for public use on behalf of a major Kazakh developer company. Amount of the transaction: 35,000,000 US dollars;
  • Representation of interests of a major international optical goods retailer in the dispute on recognition of illegality of the transaction for sale of the store chain (cost of the store chain: 5,000,000 US dollars);
  • Representation of interests of a group of Dutch investment companies in the dispute with a major Kazakh bank on early recovery of the debt in the amount of 790,000,000 US dollars in result of breach by the borrowers of the terms and provisions of the general credit agreement;
  • Representation of a leading mining company before the court in consideration of the prosecutor’s claim in interests of a bank on recovery of the corporate guarantee and the counterclaim on recognition of the issued guarantee as invalid;
  • Representation of interests of a major Kazakh investment company in a judicial proceeding on recognition of illegality of the sellers’ actions of termination of the agreement regulating sale and purchase of a participation interest in the charter capital of a mining company with the cots of 10,000,000 US dollars;
  • Recognition and enforcement of decision of the Moscow Arbitrage on recovery from a Kazakh company of the 8,000,000 Rubles debt on behalf of a major Russian tires producer;
  • Consulting an international oil producing company on termination of employment relations at the employer’s initiative with a top manager (a foreign citizen) due to impairment of the company’s business reputation by such top manager;
  • Representation of the interests of a major oil producing company in before court in the course of a labour dispute on a claim of the company’s former employee with demand of reinstatement of employment;
  • Carrying out Due Diligence of a Kazakh geological survey and prospecting company operating in the field of uranium production on the aspects of conversing the enterprise into a joint-stock company;
  • Structuring and support of the transaction regulating purchase of a block of shares of a Kazakh bank, obtaining a status of the major shareholder of the bank. Amount of the transaction: 100,000,000 US dollars;
  • Representation of interests of a major Kazakh salt extracting and processing company in the dispute with a major Kazakh bank on recognition of termination of a corporate guarantee in the amount of 500,000 US dollars.

Our experts productively cooperate with lawyers from other Integrites offices in the UK, Russia and Ukraine when needed. When dealing with complicated international projects, Integrites Kazakhstan closely collaborates with the best African, American, Chinese, English, European, Indian and Korean law firms.

We have large foreign and national companies among our clients such as Agip KCO, Altel, ENI S.p.A., Microsoft, Panalpina World Transport, GazpromNeft – Kazakhstan, TESCO Corporation, Michelin, Kusto Group, Lancaster Group, Alfa Bank, Alliance Bank, HSBC (Kazakhstan), Bank «Astana-Finance», Worley Parsons, KazPetrol Group, Danone, Rolls Royce, Araltuz, SAF Glass Works, Kostanai Minerals, Minova and many others.

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