11 12 2012

International business seminar "Foreign assets of debtors: Found. Attached. Recovered"



Cost: $

Address: InterContinental Hotel Kiev, 2a Velyka Zhytomyrska street

Representatives of international law firm Integrites together with the recognized experts in the field of international dispute settlement and asset tracing from the UK will present their views on the contemporary instruments of asset tracing, attachment and recovery of assets. Besides, the seminar will focus on problems of recovery of personal assets of ultimate beneficial owners as well as those of persons affiliated with the nominal debtor. The key feature of business-seminar will be its interactive format, which allow guests to be actively involved in the High Court of England and Wales session for obtaining a worldwide freezing order, which will be staged by speakers under the moot court.


Day 1

14:00-14:10. Welcoming remarks

14:10-15:10. Panel 1. Contemporary instruments of asset tracing. Open and closed sources of information. Court aid in support of asset tracing. Mutual assistance of law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations

15:10-15:30. COFFEE BREAK

15:30-16:30. Panel 2. Mootcourt: : the High Court of England and Wales session for obtaining a worldwide freezing order.

16:30-16:50. COFFEE BREAK

16:50-17:50. Panel 3. «I’ll believe it when I see it»: recognition and enforcement of judgments for attachment and recovery of assets in foreign jurisdictions

17:50-18:00. Closing remarks

18:00-19:30. Evening reception


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