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Successful experience of supporting complex financial transactions, along with the knowledge of industry specifics, and profound experience of application of banking and finance products enables us to achieve the best expected results for our clients simultaneously creating conditions when respect for the interests of each of the parties and the state of internal confidence is an indispensable part at each stage of the transaction.

The largest investment organizations and commercial banks as well as large foreign and national companies come to us for assistance in the issues related to their financial agreements and deals. Our clients are representatives of such industries as agriculture, metallurgy, coal and mining, energy and electricity production, chemical industry, processing industry, engineering, transport and infrastructure, telecommunications, construction, and real estate.

The problems encountered by our clients from the finance sector – investment organizations and commercial banks – are often related to the fear of the borrower’s loan default, lawsuits and/or reputational risks, apprehensions concerning possible application of sanctions by the regulatory authorities as well as violations of legislation regulating such aspects as e-money emission and/or e-money payments processing. In view of this, our main task is to help our client to feel confident that his money will be returned by creating the necessary conditions for repayment as well as avoiding situations when sanctions can be imposed.

We also work with the borrowers – large foreign and domestic companies – on achievement of such goals as receiving the most convenient loan conditions and the terms of debt repayment, and avoiding lawsuits. Our clients’ orders are based on the need to create the conditions when the concerns related to undertaking commitments, losing the business, being involved in lawsuits and/or encountering reputational risks are minimized to the level acceptable for the client.

The companies involved in export and import transactions often encounter the impossibility to conduct business due to the shortage of financial resources for advance payment for goods or payment at the moment of goods delivery. That is why we assist our clients-importers in using the opportunities for having the goods delivered on deferred payment terms. On the other hand, the exporting companies are often concerned about the risks of non-payment for their goods. In such projects, our main task is to create the necessary conditions for our clients with regard to receiving the guarantees of payment by the buyer.

Integrites team of lawyers has in-depth knowledge in all spheres related to the banking and finance sector and specializes in such spheres as capital markets, domestic and trans-border financing, mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector, and in the financial products sphere.

In the capital markets sphere, Integrites Banking and Finance practice covers nearly all aspects of debt liabilities and share securities, including securitized products, derivatives, and short-term instruments. Investment banks, issuers, national and foreign mortgagors, and institutional investors rely on Integrites lawyers’ knowledge and experience when entering in transactions in capital markets, raising finance or investing in securities.Integrites practice in commercial finance area includes nearly all segments of financing of feedstock products, project financing, financing of acquisitions, financing of transactions with real estate, and financing against assets security. National and foreign commercial banks as well as domestic companies and subsidiaries of large foreign corporations rely on the knowledge and experience of Integrites lawyers when carrying out their financial transactions.

Our clients often turn to Integrites lawyers for consultations to local banks and foreign financial institutions related to development and sale of their card products in the Ukrainian market or to the population. We provide advice not only on the traditional payment related to the card products, but also on all additional attachments to such card products offering added value advantages to their users.

Furthermore, we provide consultations to local banks, traders and third party service providers concerning the segment as well as the issues related to servicing transactions with card products, including processing of such transactions, and acquiring in the CIS and other states.

Integrites helps banks and other financial institutions and their shareholders to carry out more efficient activities and to increase their competitive power as a result of mergers and acquisitions as well as unions offering support from the beginning to the end of the most complicated financial transactions. Integrites team has successfully assisted in dozens of mergers and acquisitions in the Banking and Finance sector. Our lawyers have the necessary and unique experience of planning and implementation of trans-border and domestic M&А transactions as well as complete understanding of the value of each transaction and an ability to cooperate with the respective Ukrainian authorities. In such projects, our clients are often concerned about the risks of acquisition of a financial institution with “hidden” risks and problems, and hence our primary attention is focused on the work, the results of which will help our clients feel confident in the correctness of their acquisition.

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“Integrites’ lawyers clearly understood our requirements and showed top performance. They were timely in their responses, understood the business issues involved, and were committed, pro-active and cost effective” – Paul Dumond, CEO

What was done: Integrites acted as an advisor to CIM Investment Management on loan restructuring, security documents as well as the issues related to securities turnover in Ukraine.


Integrites Banking and Finance practice every year takes decent positions in the ratings of recognized legal reference books, The Legal500, IFLR1000, and Chambers Europe. Over the last several years, our professionalism in this legal area was also confirmed by several awards, including:

  • Integrites was recognized the best legal advisor in 2013 in the capital markets sphere for startup companies according to Acquisition International;
  • Integrites was recognized the best law firm in 2012 in the Banking and Finance practice according Corporate Intl Magazine;
  • Integrites received the Law Award 2010-2011 as the Law Firm of the Year in Banking and Finance.