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Vast experience of cooperation with contractors all over the world and local expertise in the CIS states, coordinated work of our lawyers with Integrites specialist teams offering a complete range of financial and analytical support as well as understanding of the principles and approaches to the use of international finance schemes and instruments enable us to find the optimal solutions and take into consideration the interests of each of the parties to international business deals of any degree of complexity.

We provide support to international and national loan and finance institutions, export-credit agencies (ECAs), investment funds as well as large foreign and domestic products and distributors (importers) of equipment, component parts, semi-finished products, feedstock or finished products in the largest and innovative trade transactions at an international level. In our work, we are often involved in our clients’ projects in different industries, such as mining, fuel and energy, engineering, agriculture, food industry, and retail.

Producers and distributors (importers) of different products often invite us to assist them in searching and raising loan finance on the terms that are more profitable than in the domestic market for working capital financing, growth rate increase and business profitability by increasing the sales volumes, launch or modernization of production. Such requests are usually explained by the owners’ or top managers’ realization of the problems in business or impossibility to exercise the existing potential due to the lack of resources for development, high price of the loan funds, etc.

In order to solve such problems we help our clients to implement projects on long-term and short-term trade finance (bank, supplier, and other financial institutions) and reconcile the conditions before the actual finance is granted and commitments are met. In such projects, our effort is focused on optimization of the conditions of business transactions of our clients carried out involving foreign contractors from all over the world. Long experience of cooperation with ECAs and foreign finance banks, understanding of internal principles of work, conditions and requirements of the banks enable us already at the stage of planning and audit to determine the optimal way in terms of project implementation and transaction structuring, to identify the potential borrower’s strengths as well as weaknesses, timely strengthening of which could significantly improve the borrower’s positions provided the terms and timelines of financing are reconciled.

We have been working in the CIS trade finance market for more than eight years successfully providing assistance in our clients’ transactions with suppliers from various countries of Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America. We are successfully implementing projects that provide financing for our clients against capital investments totaling up to 1 billion Euros for up to 7 years.

Learn more about our opportunities and recent projects in the Capital Markets sphere as well as domestic and trans-border financing here .

Foreign companies that are planning to enter the CIS markets or are conducting business with local contractors often turn to us because of the total absence or a lack of information necessary for determining the market entrance strategy and for identifying a group of reliable business partners, which can result in significant financial losses. In such projects, clients often entrust us with the tasks involving preparation of the most accurate and reliable information about the legislative regulation of the specific activity area, dynamics and estimates of market development, market situation, the largest players, potential sales market as well as development of proposals concerning the conditions of work with the potential business partners that will be the safest in terms of commercial risks, and at the same time acceptable for both parties.

Simultaneous work of our specialists in different areas often enables our clients to solve not one but several problems and to achieve a synergetic effect as a result of internal cooperation of the specialist teams of various profiles and, respectively, optimization of administrative procedures. The clients supported by the Project and Trade Finance Department also often ask for the services of such practices as Corporate/M&A, Tax, Banking and Finance, Litigation, Restructuring and Mediation.


“Kalita” Agro-Industrial Complex

«Sagro (holding company of “Kalita”) acknowledges the high performance of Integrites and professionalism in providing complex legal and financial support in order to receive project financing for “Kalita”. The result was positive decision of the credit committee of supplier and agreement to provide the financing of our project aimed at upgrade and extension of capacities of farming enterprise. The performance and professionalism of Integrites’ team was an important part of the whole financing deal success».

What was done: Integrites acted as a leading consultant to “Kalita” Argo-Industrial Complex in a project on raising finance from Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank against guarantees of the world’s leading export-import agencies.

Mehib (Hungarian Export Credit Insurance)

«The reports (which is a result of a complex legal and financial analysis) are very detailed, they help us to define risks in different sectors and survey the substantial situation in Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania».


International legal reference book, The Legal 500 recognized Integrites the market leader in the area of Trade Finance.