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Natural Resources & Energy

The potential and international experience of the Integrites team which consists of the industry experts having sound knowledge of the sphere of mineral resource use in the CIS  states enable us to develop efficient comprehensive solutions aimed at supporting our clients at the stage of entering the commodity markets and fulfilling other strategic business objectives.

The basis of the industrial potential of Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan is power industry, oil and gas industry and processing industry that are strategic areas for the priority investment projects. We focus our attention on finding a comprehensive solution to the problems encountered by the companies that operate in these sectors, and strive for creating additional opportunities that facilitate their development.   

Relying on our vast industry-specific expertise and understanding of the specific features of business running and legal regulation in the spheres of natural resources, land and water use and environmental protection, national and international companies most often ask us for assistance in the issues related to support of investment projects as well as transactions related to purchase and disposal of assets in the energy, and oil and gas industries. We also assist our clients  in the projects related to the application of international, English, Russian, Kazakhstani and Ukrainian law, provide consultations on creating legal aspects for raising finance, including the companies whose stakeholder is the state, represent the interests of our clients in state authorities and in courts of different jurisdictions. 

Investments in developing our industry expertise, studies of the technical and economic aspects of energy sector , oil and gas industry, and processing industry as well as strengthening international experience through developing our representative offices in other countries and well established cooperation with partner law companies worldwide predetermines efficiency of the solutions that we develop in order to tackle legal and business related issues of our clients.

Problems encountered by companies in their everyday activities related to mining, oil extracting and processing sector usually have a complex legal nature, hence we work with them according to the principle of a “legal supermarket” by involving specialists from various legal areas, which facilitates improvement of their performance indicators, optimization of business processes, and minimization of possible risks.

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“Integrites provides qualified legal assistance and timely support in solving various legal problems, in particular issues in the spheres of corporate law, antitrust law, and subsurface use.”

Galimzhan Esetov

Acting Director General