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Restructuring & Mediation

A highly-qualified team of professionals, many years of experience in the area of resolution of disputes, including multi-jurisdictional ones, application of flexible methods and techniques of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allows us to offer constructive solutions advantageous for both conflicting parties timewise and moneywise while observing the highest level of privacy and confidentiality throughout the whole process of dispute resolution.

When it comes to a commercial dispute to which our client is a party, usually an international company from a real sector of economy or a financial institution, we strive to help them resolve the dispute to prevent getting it to the court. This becomes possible due to various ADR provesses applied by our lawyers: negotiations, mediation and conciliation, restructuring of obligations.

The practice has a number of successful cases where our lawyers managed to settle the dispute in a peaceful way by using different tools of building the dialogue between the opponents, thus helping them to preserve good business partner relationships.

After having conducted successful negotiations, the lawyers support their clients at the final stage of out-of-court dispute settlement, that is fulfillment of obligations in compliance with the agreed arrangements. At this stage of a dispute caused by financial debt we often deal with unwillingness of a debtor to fulfill the obligations set forth by the agreement due to objective economic factors. Also a debtor is often unable to pay back the debt fully together with fines and late fees under the contract. These circumstances require review of conditions, restructuring of obligations which will be suitable for our client and doable for the debtor.

While choosing the most appropriate scheme and instruments for restructuring we take into account various factors, including currency exchange regulation of foreign economic activities in CIS countries. Thus, in the course of designing restructuring scheme we involve the lawyers from the Banking and Finance practice.

Having extensive sector experience, wide geographical presence and cross-discipline expertise of our teams, we can provide support in the area of out-of-court dispute settlement in several foreign jurisdictions, the matter of a dispute being debtor’s indebtedness, corporate rights, intellectual property objects, anti-competitive practices, labor rights, or internal corporate conflicts.

The principle of a “legal supermarket” allows our lawyers from Restructuring and Mediation practice jointly with Litigation and International Arbitration practices to perform assessment of dispute resolution in the court or through arbitration, legal examination with the purpose of determining the elements of a crime, and. The will also involve the lawyers who specialize in economic crimes if necessary.


"Integrites lawyers have demonstrated high level of professionalism, competence, efficiency, and perseverance in resolution of complicated commercial disputes using various ADR techniques and secured out-of-court dispute settlement".

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