Svetlana Shtopol joined the team of Integrites in 2009. From 2012 Ms Shtopol is a Partner of Integrites Kazakhstan office.

Svetlana Shtopol specializes in the area of subsurface use and corporate law. Ms Shtopol has vast experience in supervising projects on M&A, conducting due diligence of companies, and providing legal support and representing clients’ interests in state authorities.

Svetlana has extensive experience in pre-trial settlement of disputes and a court practice. To settle the disputes Svetlana actively conducted complaints, provided debt restructuring and developed settlement agreements. Experience in litigation includes support at all stages of judicial proceedings in the area of corporate, commercial and tax disputes, subsurface use, mergers & acquisitions, debt collection, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, appeal against the actions and decisions of state authorities.

Having extensive experience in legal support of large-scale projects for mineral resources sector companies, Ms Shtopol specializes in providing comprehensive legal assistance to companies from oil and gas sector as well as companies that develop solid mineral deposits.

Ms. Shtopol participated in projects of such large companies as: Petroleum Production International, ShalkiyaZinc, Lancaster Group, Kazpetrol Group, GazProm Neft - Kazakhstan, MICHELIN (Russia), Kostanay Minerals, Scandic Optical Limited, Altynor Mining, Hansa Resources Bloomberg LP., SP Kazakhstan-Russian Mining Company, PH BIKO, Dongning CNHTC-Huaxin Heavy Duty Trucks Sale Co., Far Eastern Polychem Industries LTD, Zentiva International, RELIABLE PARTNER, UAB Foster International business Corp and others.

Representative Legal Matters

  • Carrying out Due Diligence, drafting the documents, closing the deal and advising a leader in the Russian railway market and one of the largest companies in the operating leasing area and railcar owners in Russia;
  • Representation of interests of Kazakh Investment Company in acquiring of one of the biggest confectionery plant in Kazakhstan owned by British company;
  • Advising a major national oil company on subsoil use issues, including the transition to the stage of production and appropriate addition to the subsoil use contract;
  • Carrying out a full legal support and representation of interests of Singapore company during entering and execution of the project on development of gold fields Shokpar and Gagarinskoye in Zhambyl region of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with JSC "National Mining Company "Tau-Ken Samruk";
  • Advising a major fully integrated zinc producer on improvement of subsoil use legislation;
  • Structuring and support of the agreement regulating of sale and purchase of a share of an oil producing company for the price exceeding 58,000,000 US dollars; Preparing a legal opinion based on results of a legal review of a guarantee agreement in respect of its termination;
  • Representation of interests of a group of Dutch investment companies in the dispute with a major Kazakh bank on early recovery of the debt in the amount of 790,000,000 US dollars in result of breach by the borrowers of the terms and provisions of the general credit agreement;
  • Structuring and support of the transaction regulating sale and purchase of shares of a major Kazakh confectionery factory, including resolution of the issues of tax optimization, transfer pricing and economic concentration. Amount of the transaction: 8,500,000 US dollars; Carrying out Due Diligence of a major Kazakh confectionery factory on the aspects of privatization and conversion to a joint-stock company;
  • Representation of interests of the largest Russian oil & gas company before court in the case for recognition of illegality of investigation of antitrust law violations and charges of anti-competition coordinated actions;
  • Representation of interests of a major international optical goods retailer in the dispute on recognition of illegality of the transaction for sale of the store chain (cost of the store chain: 5,000,000 US dollars);
  • Consulting an international investment company and legal support of participation in the tender held by the Sary-Arka Social and Entrepreneurship Company with the purpose of choosing a partner for development of a major copper field, drafting the joint venture agreement and the project implementation plan;
  • Drafting the general contractor agreement for construction of a multifunctional administrative and residential compound in Almaty, cost: 250,000,000 US dollars and drafting a management agreement regulating the management of an administrative and residential compound;
  • Consulting the largest Kazakh asbestos producing and processing company on classification of the production (refinement) waste products and inclusion thereof to the “green” list and preparing recommendations on reduction of tax burden in respect of the payments for environmental emissions;
  • Support of design, construction and commissioning of a gold processing plant in North Kazakhstan. Cost of the plan: 11,000,000 US dollars;
  • Representation of interests of a major investment company in the dispute concerning compensation of the losses in the amount of 60,000,000 US dollars due to the failure to perform obligations under the agreement regulating sale and purchase of a share in the company – winner of the tender for subsurface use rights;
  • Representation of an asbestos mining and processing company before the court in consideration of the prosecutor’s claim in interests of a bank on recovery of the corporate guarantee in the amount of 58,000,000 US dollars and the counterclaim of the company against the bank on recognition of the issued guarantee as invalid;
  • Representation of interests of a major Kazakh investment company in a judicial proceeding on recognition of illegality of the sellers’ actions of termination of the agreement regulating sale and purchase of a participation interest in the charter capital of a mining company with the cots of 10,000,000 US dollars;
  • Consulting a leading oil & gas company on the matters of construction of a transmission Kazakh-Chinese pipeline, legal support of negotiations with customers and contractors, drafting the agreement establishing the parties’ mutual rights and obligations during construction and operation of the transmission pipeline.


  • Academy of Jurisprudence - Higher School of Law “Adilet”, Master of Laws (Almaty, Kazakhstan);
  • Kostanay State University named by Baitursynov A., Bachelor of Laws (Kostanay, Kazakhstan).

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Kazakhstan Petroleum Law Association (KPLA).

Recent Publications

  • Money legalization under the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Amnesty of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, returnees and persons with residence permits in Kazakhstan due to the legalization of their properties", Newsfiber,;
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