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Our clients’ businesses have a wide geography and at the same time continue growing and expanding dynamically. We assist our clients, including international corporations, national financial and industrial groups, financial institutions and men of property, in developing their businesses, using all available opportunities and minimizing risks anywhere in the world by developing our own network of offices and building reliable relations with business partners around the world.

We provide a comprehensive international support through our offices in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and the UK, as well as through our representative offices in Germany, the Netherlands and China.

The activities of our international offices submit to common strategic goals, values, quality standards and philosophy of our firm. The principle of unity relates also to the issues of business processes management, i.e. we work in a unified corporate information system, which allows to plan and to supervise work on projects, to manage customer relationship in real time and to assure the integration of business processes anywhere in the world.

We proceed with investing in our international presence and for the time being through our offices in different countries we have a possibility to support efficiently and comprehensively businesses and projects of our international clients, as well as the CIS clients who have interests in Europe and global markets. We also examine a possibility of setting up full-function offices in other CIS countries, as well as representative offices around the world. In order to implement this goal we monitor systematically the requests and demands of our clients exploring the specifics of running business and trends on these markets.

Working in team with leading law firms all over the world that render a legal support in certain branches of law, we provide our clients with the most efficient and the highest quality solutions that meet business trends and legislative requirements typical for certain region/ country without unreasonable financial expenditures and time delay.