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Specialized knowledge and experience as well as the possibility to provide consultations and support in cross-border transactions structured under English law, the presence of a wide network of partners in all key jurisdictions that can be involved in tax planning, as well as the principles, standards and quality that we use in our approach to work enable us to meet the clients’ requirements regarding tax structuring projects of any degree of complexity.

We help business owners and top managers of companies as well as professional and private investors to solve a wide range of problems in the sphere of taxation as well as tax registration in foreign jurisdictions.

In the Tax practice, clients often come to iur Tax practice with instruction related to risk evaluation and development of mechanisms of taxation minimization, development and/or official reconciliation of positions regarding taxation. This can often be explained by the clients’ concerns about financial losses or application of penal sanctions resulting from ambiguous wording of legal norms or a lack of knowledge about the practice of their application, including a lack of knowledge about the norms and the practice of application of foreign laws. We also often help our clients to achieve a clear understanding of an official position of tax authorities and/or receive a protection document for the case of the imposition of sanctions for violation of the tax legislation.

Integrites team has vast experience of solving a wide range of tax problems, including inter alia: audit, evaluation of the status of internal reports and internal/external financial flows, provision of consultations on income tax, real estate tax, VAT, tax credit formulation and use as well as taxation of labour income and individual tax, including development of optimization mechanisms.

Furthermore, our clients commission us to solve problems related to tax registration in foreign jurisdictions related to business activities. In the projects on establishment, use or participation in investment funds and asset management, we assist our clients in solving diverse problems in the taxation area by evaluating the implemented or planned investment transactions for decreasing the risk of negative financial consequences.

One of the key Integrites specializations in the Tax practice is creation of business structures that are the most profitable for our client in terms of protection of beneficiaries’ interests and assets, transparency, easiness of management, cost of business maintenance and tax load level, including the movement of the taxation base, migration of a holding company and other instruments.

For work on business structuring projects, we created a uniform team of lawyers experienced in the tax planning area as well as financial and strategic consultants, which enables us to implement such projects on a ready-to-operate basis – from the stage of analysis of the existing business structure and selection of a new optimal structure for it, to the stage of implementation of such a new structure (including creation of personal structuring instruments for the owner) and its filling with assets.

In such projects, the determining characteristic of our work as often named by our clients is “bringing the structure to complete logical end”, which means both creation of a structure on paper and its reconciliation with the stakeholders, support during the necessary transaction part (assets restructuring) and development of relations between the owners and business partners.


“Integrites’ legal advice has always been prompt and comprehensive corresponding to our needs and expectations in fullest extent” – Chen Xiaodong, Head of Representative office in Ukraine, ZTE Corporation


The Tax practice every year takes decent positions in the ratings of recognized international legal reference books, for instance, The Legal500;

Integrites won the Law Award 2011 in The Law Firm of the Year in the Area of Taxation category.