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International presence, in-depth and universal experience, knowledge and resources as well as the corporate practice work in close cooperation with Integrites professional tax & financial teams enable us to assist our clients with the strategically important and complex transactions in the CIS, in the markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Americas, and often in several jurisdictions at the same time.

We support leading national and international companies in different spheres, such as car industry, metallurgy, mining industry, fuel and energy, agriculture, construction, retail as well as in the sphere of financial services in the largest and innovative transactions.

Clients come to us for assistance in order to get comprehensive support in both current business activities and large-scale corporate transactions as well as find solutions aimed at optimization or creating business structure and internal corporate management. This can be explained by the apprehension of the owners and top managers of the companies caused by either lack of knowledge about recent changes in legislative regulation of their businesses or absence of knowledge in the sphere of activities that is new to them, the risk of application of penalty sanctions or speculations that their business is not efficient enough.

Our clients often turn to us when they want to establish a new successful business, purchase or sell existing business, prepare for achieving complex strategic or tactical goals, when the owners or top managers of the companies assume that their business will function better after merger, division or separation of individual units, or when they are aware of possible risks related to purchase of a non-liquid asset, a potentially overpriced asset, or sale of an asset at underestimated price.

Expertise of leading Integrites specialists in the sphere of M&A, in particular in banking sector, in the sphere of financial services and real estate as well as having our own team of experts on integrated audit and financial consulting enables us to meet the requirements of our clients regarding all types of M&A transactions.

Integrites corporate team has vast experience of solving problems emerging at all stages of large-scale M&A transactions, namely: conducting negotiations, drafting contract documents on mergers/takeovers, reconciling a transaction with antitrust authorities in respective jurisdictions, carrying out vendor audits or legal audits of the target company, settling agreements with creditors, etc.

A right to provide consultations and support in trans-border transactions structured according to the English Law granted to us by the Integrites accreditation with the Law Society of England and Wales (registration number 558587) often is an additional advantage for our clients since it offers them an opportunity to use such beneficial features of the English Law as maximum flexibility of instruments for transaction structuring and a possibility to put down “on paper” the parties’ agreement at each stage of the transaction, which minimizes the future risk of default.

You can find the description of our recent experience of providing consultations to the clients in the Corporate Law/M&A practice in the Practice News section.

Integrites works according to the “legal supermarket” principle, which means that simultaneous work of our specialists in different spheres often allows our clients to solve not one but several problems, and to achieve a synergy effect due to the internal cooperation of the teams and, respectively, optimization of administrative procedures. The clients whose projects are supported by the Corporate Law /M&A Department, most frequently use the services provided by teams of our experts  in the following practices Antitrust and Competition Law, Labour and Employment, Tax, Intellectual Property, Litigation. Furthermore, our strong positions in the sphere of direct investments and capital markets enable us to help our clients not only with the issues pertaining to corporate law, but also with attracting investment and establishing relations with local and foreign strategic partners.


“Integrites specialists proved that they are highly-qualified professionals having a clear understanding of the legal and market practices as well as the specific nature of our business. The team work of lawyers was timely, goal-oriented, proactive and financially efficient.”

What was done: Integrites acted as a leading advisor in the transaction for purchase of 100% shares of a Ukrainian bank representing the interests of a group of investors from the Middle East. This transaction is the only successful purchase in 2011-2012 involving the Middle Eastern investors. Furthermore, only several transactions related to the purchase of Ukrainian banks by both domestic and foreign investors were successfully completed in 2011-2012.


Each year our corporate Law/M&A practice is ranked highly by reputable international guides to the world’s leading law firms The Legal500 and IFLR1000. Over several recent years we got awarded for our expertise:

  • Integrites was recognized the best law firm in 2013 in the sphere of corporate law according to Global Law Experts;
  • Integrites was recognized the best legal adviser in 2013 in the sphere of capital markets for startup companies according to Acquisition International;
  • Integrites was recognized the best legal adviser in 2013 for investment business according to Acquisition International;
  • Integrites was named Law Firm of the Year in the sphere of corporate practice according to the results of Legal Award 2011.