What we do

New Business Development and Problem Solving

We assist high net worth individuals, professional investors, owners and top managers of international and national companies in different sectors of economy in implementing the idea of creating new effective sources of income, while providing necessary support for sustainable development and prosperity of their businesses.

Launching a business “from scratch”

As a rule, clients apply to us on the stage of analysis of available capabilities to launch a business "from scratch" or to develop a new direction within the existing business (including structuring of the existing assets), as well as on the stage of setting up business. In such projects, we often encounter problems of our clients regarding future scopes of legal regulation such as tax, antitrust and labor law, intellectual property, licensing, government relations, issues related to finding out the most effective solutions considering form and structure of business as well as strategic objectives, such as drafting of business plan and development of internal business processes system in order to provide the owner with control over the work of top management and functional units.

Integrites works on the “legal supermarket” basis, therefore our clients can get a comprehensive explanation for the wide range of legal issues in a single package, as we use the synergy which is reached both by the cooperation of internal teams and optimization of administrative procedures. Moreover, strong analytical team provides us on a permanent basis with timely and accurate information on market situation in the CIS, which enables our clients to assess the prospects for the development of business not only by considering the legal point, but also the economic component.

Purchase or "acquisition" of the existing business

Reflections of our clients are often connected to either purchase or acquisition of the existing business. In these projects we assist in making reasonable negotiating position for our client, which considerably effects the price formation process and purchase and sale of business in general; defining approaches to organization of seller's business (the possibility and reasonability of "acquisition" of a new element depends a lot on it), and settling of the contractual relations, including allocation of financial, commercial and other risks.

Moreover, considering large joint ventures such issues as profit distribution, conditions of realization (in case of goods realization - bonuses, discounts for purchases), use of optimization tools offered by the seller are rather urgent. A key stage to solve the abovementioned problems is to conduct due diligence and facilities or project evaluation that results in acquisition of "card of recommendations" for further actions aimed at minimizing or elimination of legal, tax, financial and strategic risks.


The lawyers of Integrites corporate team are highly experienced in advising on derivatives and money-market instruments to secure owners, assets, investable funds (considering suitable schemes and investment facilities), and forms of income from investment facilities, possible tax consequences, as well as investor relations.

Business Financing

We assist our clients in identifying possible ways of finance and to appraise advantages and disadvantages in this sector, whether they are investing in capital (share placement on the stock exchange, raising venture capital, debt finance with entering the capital) or debt finance (bank finance, including the global financial institutions finance, intra-group loans), as well as to achieve the optimal ratio in charging instruments.

Within operational activities clients rely upon us in solving problems associated with failures in the system of corporate management (resolution of internal conflicts, investor relations, relations between owner and top management), hurdling regulatory barriers in the context of different regulatory approval procedures (holding negotiations with public authorities in the case of claims, assisting in passing inspections), as well as addressing strategic issues that provide the client with the opportunity to understand what caused the trouble and how to prevent it in future.

Read more on how we assist our clients in settling issues and finding ways out from complicated situations arising in the process of doing business in section «Crisis Management».

Range of Services

Related legal areas

Advice on financial services and regulatory issues

Corporate / M&A

Registration and licensing of businesses

Performance of legal due diligence of the project or facility

Support of investing in stocks, bonds, related to real estate or other assets, including capital investment

Advice on corporate finance

Advice on attracting seed capital, venture capital

Advice on institutional investment, purchase financing

Advice on public-private partnership

Advice on raising funds in the equity markets

Advice on derivatives, mortgage instruments, repos

Tax registration in foreign jurisdictions


Advice on sale and purchase, supply agreements

Advice on agency agreements and distribution agreements

Integrated support of real estate development projects

Real Estate & Construction

Advice on protection against anticompetitive concerted actions and/or abuse of dominant position

Antitrust & Competition

Representation of clients in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) in the course of antitrust investigations

Representation of clients in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) in the course of considering cases on violation of antitrust law

Advice on raising funds in the capital markets (debt capital, equity capital, structured finance, derivatives and money-market instruments)

Banking & Finance


Advice on domestic and cross-border finance (trade, commodities and export finance, project finance, leveraged and acquisition finance, real estate finance, assets finance)

Advice on financial products (card products, e-money, deposits, factorings, securities trading, microfinance and retail finance)

Advice on M&A in financial sector

Conducting of analytical marketing research

Project & Trade Finance

Advice on labor legislation of Ukraine

Labor & Employment

Advice on obtaining work permits for foreigners

Assistance in preparing and submitting applications on obtaining security documents (patents, licenses) on relevant IP

Intellectual Property

Preparation and/or performance of the analysis of license agreements on the transfer of rights to use IP objects, contracts on transfer (alienation) of IP rights

Representation of clients in government bodies (AMC, MIA) to stop the violation of IP rights and/or to impose a fine on the offender

Preparation of complaints against legal entities and individuals in order to cease violations of IP rights

Representation of clients in courts in order to prohibit the unauthorized use of IP objects, and to invalidate security documents

Resolution of disputes relating to the issue, offering and circulation of the securities


Resolution of corporate disputes

Resolution of tax disputes, as well as disputes with other regulatory authorities

Resolution of disputes in the field of land relations, real estate operations and title, including land disputes, disputes arising out of the lease relations, disputes arising out of collateral relations

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