What we do

Business Efficiency Improvement

We assist our clients in finding the main sources for the improvement of business efficiency and create the conditions under which the achieving of the desired results becomes more transparent and well-governed. We can achieve this goal by optimizing the business structure and internal procedures, relations and working conditions with partners and clients, as well as optimizing the usage of resources of top priority for business.

Tax burden optimization

One of the Integrites’ main areas of expertise is a creation of business structures which are the most profitable for the client taking tax burden in consideration. It can be achieved by shifting the tax base in a jurisdiction with a lower tax level, as well as the cost of maintenance and protection of beneficiaries’ interests and assets, transparency and ease of management.

In order to implement projects related to business structuring we have gathered the best lawyers in the sphere of tax planning as well as financial and strategic consultants in one team. It enables us to perform such projects on a turn-key basis, starting from the analysis of the existing structure and the choice of an optimal structure to the stage of the creation of a new structure (including structure for owner) and filling it with assets.

In such projects our clients give us defining feature that is “bringing a structure to its complete and logical conclusion”, which can be understood as the drafting a structure on paper and finalizing it with interested parties, as well as support of the required transactions (restructuring of assets) and the development of relations between owners and business partners.

The Integrites’ capabilities in the sphere of strategic consulting, combined with legal expertise, used to be additional benefit for our clients, as far as we can also solve the issues connected with business planning, business process optimization and ROI management.

Specific skills and great experience gained by our professionals while working at world-level consulting groups, capability to advise and assist in cross-border transactions structured in accordance with the English law, existence of the wide network of partners in all main jurisdictions which might be used in tax planning, and also principles, standards and high quality, which we embody in our work, give us an opportunity to meet the demands of our clients in structuring projects of any level of complexity.

Optimization of contractual relations

Requests by business owners, top managers of international and national companies, professional private investors are often connected to contractual structuring of businesses, projects and transactions.  because of the need to structure contracts correctly from a practical standpoint and to support them for maximum coherence and precise performance of conditions in all chains of contractual relations.

Lawyers from the Integrites team have a great experience in developing and supporting purchase and sale agreements as a main lever of optimization, used in trade schemes, agents agreements and distribution agreements with a goal to ensure the network business or introduction of schemes of tax and operational optimization, complex contractual schemes, contractual structuring of the projects and businesses in order to create the optimal contractual relations for new or restructured business.

Optimization in the sphere of labor force and intangible assets

Nowadays we hardly chance upon really successful businesses, where the owners do not pay much attention to the question of labor relations at the top-management level and at the level of regular employees as well) and also to the right to use the objects of intellectual property (IP). Both of the abovementioned components bring an important contribution to the achievement of business goals, and so far generate a profit. As a rule, such issues are very important for the international companies, which are represented in different countries and intend to safe the common approaches and rules in the sphere of human resources management, as well for the companies, that require the involvement of a large number of people, such as retail chains, banking institutions, large manufacturing companies and companies operating in IT and telecom.

That is why we advise our clients in a wide range of issues regarding the Ukrainian labor law, including such questions as termination of employment, reduction of employees, as well as analyzing and/or drafting of the employment contracts. Prompt settlement of such issues helps our clients to minimize the risks of sanctions by the government authorities, and as well as reputational risks that could occur in case the employee will try to assign the rights on the object of intellectual property, owned by the employer, disclosure of confidential information, and the risks of initiating claims by dismissed employees against the company on reinstatement in former position or compensation.

As to the use of IP rights, our lawyers have a great experience in assisting clients in preparing and submitting applications on obtaining security documents (patents, licenses) on relevant IP, in copyright registration in government bodies and also preparation and/or performance of the analysis of license agreements on the transfer of rights to use IP, contracts on transfer (alienation) of IP rights. The main motive of clients in this area is to protect their business from unauthorized use of intellectual property and copyright, to prevent use of IP objects without remuneration or compensation.

Range of Services

Related legal areas

Opposition to the registration of trademarks

Corporate /M&A

Structuring of internal procedures

Advice on real estate funds

Advice on related legal and regulatory issues (including the procedures used in labor law and for pension coverage)

Development of asset management scheme using instruments under foreign law

Advice on tax and regulatory issues

Assistance in obtaining tax advice


Advice on sale and purchase, supply agreements

Advice on agency agreements and distribution agreements

Development of complex contractual schemes, contractual structuring of projects and business, other contractual instruments

Structuring of tenure

Real Estate & Construction

Advice on compliance of promotional materials with the requirements of competition law in Ukraine

Antitrust & Competition

Advice on labor legislation of Ukraine

Labor & Employment

Analysis and/or drafting of employment contracts

Advice on termination of employment, reduction of staff, etc.

Assistance in preparing and submitting applications on obtaining security documents (patents, licenses) on relevant IP

Intellectual Property


Performance of legal audit on IP object

Assistance in copyright registration

Preparation and/or performance of the analysis of license agreements on the transfer of rights to use IP objects, contracts on transfer (alienation) of IP rights

Assistance in registration of IP object in the State Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects

Representing lender / borrower on the loan (including syndicated loans)

Banking & Finance

Representing lender / borrower on debt restructuring

Advice on regulatory issues of financial institutions’ operation

Advice on e-money emission and/or online payment processing with the use of electronic money

Performance of external audit of contractor

Project & Trade Finance


Representing lender / borrower on provision / attraction of trade finance

Consulting on trade credit insurance

Conducting of analytical marketing research

Resolution of disputes relating to the issue, offering and circulation of the securities


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