What we do

Raising Finance

We help the largest investment institutions and commercial banks as well as national and international companies from different sectors of economy to successfully implement fundraising projects taking into consideration and coordinating the requirements of all parties to the transaction to ensure that our client has the maximum level of comfort both at the stage of finance raising and at the stage of fulfilling obligations.

The largest investment institutions and commercial banks as well national and international companies working in different spheres of economy come to us with different problems related to their financial agreements and transactions. Our clients include representatives of such industries as agriculture, metallurgy, coal and mining industry, energy and electricity production, chemistry, processing industry, machine building, transport and infrastructure, telecommunications, construction and real estate.  Financing projects usually have a complex strategic nature, hence in addition to achieving the project business goals our attention is focused on ensuring the necessary level of comport for our client at each stage of the project support – from planning to complete fulfillment of obligations by the parties to the transaction.

Capital Markets

In the sphere of capital markets, we provide assistance to investment banks, issuers, and institutional investors on issues related to carrying out transactions in the capital markets, raising finance or investing in securities. Integrites practice covers nearly all aspects of debt liabilities and share securities, including securitized products, derivatives and short-term instruments.

Therefore, our clients often turn to us for consultations on the loan finance raising projects, stock capital, structured financing as well as for explanations concerning the use of derivatives and short-term instruments.

Integrites lawyers’ experience received in unique and innovative financial transactions, in-depth understanding of the branch specifics, vast experience in using banking and financial products enable us to develop quick and optimal solutions offering our clients high quality services on supporting each transaction.

Domestic and Cross-Border Financing

Integrites practice in the commercial financing sphere encompasses nearly all segments of financing of feedstock goods, project financing, leveraged and merger financing, financing of real estate transactions, and financing against assets security. In such projects, our clients most often are local and foreign commercial banks as well as national companies and subsidiaries of large foreign corporations.

Our clients often find benefits for themselves derived from the extensive knowledge and vast experience of the Integrites’s team in supporting a large range of finance projects as well as from our approach to implementation of various types of products. For instance, during the projects on commodity, trade and export financing, we are doing our best to develop practical and efficient solutions to manage the collateral portfolio, legal risks and risks related to assets management.

With regard to project finance, we have all skills and knowledge of financial instruments necessary for work, negotiations and preparation of the required documents both for the project and for the related financial agreements so that they could work together and meet the specific client’s requirements. When structuring a finance transaction against assets security, we develop and structure it in such a way that enables achievement of the strategic business goals of our clients and their contractors, including optimization of taxation and financial flows.

A wide range of financing opportunities in Integrites is accompanied by the projects on trade and project finance that are implemented involving export and import banks. Such finance raising schemes are most often interesting for the owners and top managers of producing and trading companies searching beneficial sources of import transactions financing whether for the purchase of production equipment and/or increase of the sales volumes.

Range of Services

Related legal areas

Consulting clients on finance raising in capital markets (loan capital, stock capital, structured financing, derivatives and short-term instruments)

Banking and Finance

Consulting clients on domestic and trans-border financing (trade, commodity and export financing, project financing, leveraged financing, merger financing, financing of real estate transactions, financing against assets security)

Consulting clients on issues related to the use of finance products (card products, e-money, deposits, factoring, security trading, micro-financing and consumer loans)

Consulting clients on mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector

External audit of a contractor

Project and Trade Finance

Representation of interests of the creditor/borrower in the issues related to provision/raising of trade finance

Loan and insurance consulting

Consulting clients on investment instruments


Consulting clients on corporate finances

Consulting clients on raising the initial capital, venture capital

Consulting clients on issues related to institutional investments, financing against purchase

Consulting clients on finance raising in the stock capital markets

Support in preparation for the initial public offering (IPO), its exercise and follow-up support

Consulting clients on the issues of finance raising in the loan financing markets

Resolution of disputes related to emission of securities, their placement and circulation


Resolution of disputes emerging from investment agreements and participatory interest in construction of real estate objects

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