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Projects for Business Owners

We help high net worth individuals solve problems related to management of their wealth, settling of family, inheritance, and partnership relations.

High net worth individuals (HNWI) whose sources of wealth are located in the CIS states come to us when they encounter problems related to structuring of their personal assets, family and inheritance law, citizenship and immigration, and so on. The reasons of our clients’ concerns often include the fear of the owner’s death, financial losses resulting from unqualified investments, the need to divide the property among the heirs, coverage of the current expenses of family members (education, lodging, etc.), better financial literacy, and other issues.

In view of this, we provide our clients with support in legal issues, including taxation, selection of the most appropriate jurisdictions, legal security. Clients commission us to carry out the tasks related both to the business interests within the family and to business relations of individual family members with partners.

We pay special attention to as protection of interests and information about our clients. Such tasks are characterized by a high level of confidentiality, and hence the information about the projects is not disclosed.

Range of Services

Related legal areas

Development of mechanisms aimed at long-term possession of assets, including trust instruments


Evaluation of specific tax and regulatory issues and risks related to family members’ business, and development of mechanisms for elimination or minimization of such risks


Evaluation and development of the ways for increasing business security as a whole as well as security of individual assets, including both the international structuring instruments and other instruments of business assets management


Evaluation, optimization or development of partnership relations between family members and the third parties during the launch of a joint business project and in the process of its implementation



Evaluation of legal risks and transaction support in agreements related to purchase or sale of business assets or private assets of family members

Preliminary evaluation of risks, negotiation, contractual and other support in relations of family members with governmental bodies

Government Relations

Legal support in any conflict situations as well as dispute resolution procedures, including judicial and extrajudicial settlement

Litigation, International Arbitration

Provision of legal consultations and support within the framework of implementation of the actions suggested by a financial advisor  on raising any type of finance

Banking and Finance

Legal support in the issues related to family law and inheritance law for protection of business interests of family members

Family Law, Civil Law

Legal assistance to family members in solving their current private problems

Family Law, Civil Law

 Legal assistance in carrying out investment and charity activities by family members

Сorporate Law/M&A, Banking and Finance

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