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Business Security

We help our clients in creating favorable conditions for their business that will ensure its uninterrupted and efficient functioning, achievement of the expected profit level as well as a proper level of protection of corporate rights, assets and beneficiary’s confidentiality. We are especially efficient in resolving disputes of any level of complexity when business protection and protection of our clients’ interests are at stake.

Dispute Resolution

One of the key specializations of Integrites in the business security sphere is creation of dispute resolution mechanisms, the impact territory of which can be within one or several jurisdictions. When disputes emerge in our clients’ business, we help them settle the current situation concentrating the most effort on preserving the balance between the invested effort, resources, emotions, and the best achievable result. Pursuing this goal for each individual case, we study the characteristics and opportunities offered by different dispute resolution procedures be it court, arbitration or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods with regard to objective opportunities as well as efficiency criteria of our clients, the most important among which often are the duration of conflict regulation, confidentiality, and the cost of the exercised procedures.

In our practice, we often help our clients to resolve disputes, including disputes in the domain of corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, insurance, finances and investments, real estate and construction as well as disputes with the state regulatory authorities. In solving such problems, motivation of the owners, financial directors and managers of legal departments of companies is often based on the fear of losing their business or control over it, a fear of losing the financial assets or property, the need to ensure protection from raider attacks, illegal use of intellectual property items, the need to ensure protection against unfair competition, or to cancel decisions on fines imposed by the state authorities.

During the period of its work, Integrites was able to create a team of top-performing professionals in the sphere of dispute resolution, which consists of specialists of various profiles and specializations, attorneys and lawyers practicing in the spheres of both international and national English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakhstani law, which enables us to offer to our clients successful solutions in the spheres of litigation, arbitration or ADR.

Integrites analytical team often helps us work several times more efficiently protecting the interests of our clients. The main goal and a qualitative result of the analysts’ work is identification of the real financial center among the affiliated companies of the opponent, which is especially relevant for resolving our clients’ disputes that imply the need to protect their business from the loss of financial resources. Integrites lawyers use the received information at the stage of development of the business security strategy, which enables them at the stage of project implementation to act not “blindly” but with a clear vision of the overall situation regarding the opponent’s financial status.

Asset Tracing

In case of unpaid indebtedness we proposed to our client Asset Tracing as effective tool of debt recovery at the account of debtor’s asset. The main task of Asset Tracing is to identify hiding misallocated assets holds by companies in different countries and accumulated for their further reallocation.

Within the framework of Asset Tracing, our team of layers and analysts preform  necessary actions to reach the following goals:

  • identification of debtor's assets;
  • evaluation of debt recovery rate in different countries;
  • elaboration of additional enforcement action against debtor, especially, involved in fraud. 

One of the key elements of Asset Tracing is a functional analysis of a debtor structure, which makes it possible to identify operational model, discover core assets and structure scattered inter-linkages of affiliated companies in integral system. In order to maximize rate of recovery, we will look for the countries where located key companies asset holders and financial hubs.

As outcome point of actions implemented during Asset Tracing, we will recreate operational model of debtor’s group, it will allow to get data about affiliated companies, cash flows, asset concentration, person which control debtor. Operational model of debtor disclose the most vulnerable a sensitive operational business unit that allow to elaborate effective strategy of debt recovery and pressure. As a preventive action in the frame of Compliance policy we suggest to make screening of the group of companies to identify potential risk of interaction with counterparty.

Lobbying Interests in Governmental Bodies

In order to protect our clients’ interests in the sphere of relations with the state authorities, we carry out lobbyist activities on behalf of our clients, develop solutions and prepare tactical recommendations aimed at creating favorable legislative conditions for implementation of business initiatives of our clients from various branches of economy, and we also assist them in the issues related to long-term strategic planning taking into consideration the legislative trends typical for the sphere of their activities. Most often, we see the interest in such projects from foreign investors, international corporations as well as companies that signed partnership agreements with the state for implementation of joint projects.

Security of Beneficiary’s Assets and Information

Clients also entrust us with implementation of their ideas related to creation of business structures aimed at protecting the corporate assets, which we do by means of creating companies in European and other reliable jurisdictions with well-developed legislation in order to ensure the maximum corporate control of the assets, and also by means of separation of the company holding the permanent assets from the operating company.

Furthermore, many clients expect the highest protection of the beneficiary from being identified by the third parties as the business owner, and this the instructions we receive from our clients are also often aimed at ensuring an adequate level of protection of the beneficiary’s confidentiality. More specifically, one of the main means of such protection includes general mechanisms of offshore ownership as well as more complex and specific instruments (trusts, funds, etc.). We see our key task in assisting our client in selecting the instruments that will be most beneficial for him in terms of protection of the beneficiaries’ interests and their assets, transparency, easiness of managements, and maintenance costs.

Strategic Protection of Business

Companies working in the FMCG sphere as well as other businesses whose activities are closely related to promotion of their products through advertising are often concerned about the potential risks of sanctions that can be imposed by antitrust and other bodies for a failure to comply with the requirements of laws. Therefore, our recommendation to clients in this sphere include explanations regarding compliance of their advertising materials with the applicable legislative provisions in order to create such conditions when the maximum compliance with the respective requirements is achieved and, as a result, protection against the risks related to the sanctions that can be imposed by antitrust or other authorities.

Companies working in the sphere of small and medium business often encounter problems related to restriction of normal conditions for business activities and/or impossibility to receive the maximum financial profits from their business. In this context, we help our clients to understand the issues related to protection from anti-competition coordinated actions and/or abuse of the monopolistic position, which gives them an opportunity to conduct their business on a competitive basis, in the absence of overstated prices for the purchased feedstock, restrictions for the conduct of business, restrictions for market entrance, etc.

Understanding of the principles and working approaches of antitrust bodies in the CIS states, the presence of Integrites offices in other counties that enables us to analyze the international aspects of the antitrust practice, and opportunities for carrying out a comprehensive analysis of economic indicators of the market provide our clients with a diversified vision of the current situation and possible scenarios so that they can feel more confident when making important business decisions.

Range of Services

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Dispute resolution in the sphere of protection of intellectual property rights

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Conduct of corporate restructuring


Conduct of legal audit

Development of assets management schemes using the foreign law instruments

Representation of the creditor’s interests on issues related to finance provision (including syndicated lending)

Banking and Finance

Representation of the creditor’s/borrower’s interests on issues related to debt restructuring

Representation of the interests of ECA/supplier on issues related to provision of trade financing

Consulting clients on regulatory issues related to activities of financial institutions

Consulting clients on issues related to emission of e-money and/or processing e-money payments

External audit of a contractor

Project and Trade Finance

Conduct of analytical market study

Consulting clients on issues related to protection against anti-competition coordinated actions and/or abuse of the monopolistic position

Antitrust and Competition

Consulting clients on issues related to compliance of advertising materials with the requirements of the Ukrainian competition legislation

Representation of the clients’ interests in the AMCU during examination of cases concerning violation of antitrust legislation

Representation of the clients’ interests in the state authorities (AMCU, MoI) in order to terminate violation of the intellectual property rights and/or to impose a fine on the violator

Intellectual Property

Preparation of claims against legal entities and/or individuals concerning termination of violation of the intellectual property rights

Representation of the clients’ interests in courts in order to prohibit illegal use of IPO and to invalidate the documents of title

Registration of real estate

Real Estate and Construction

Analysis of the title validity

Carrying out legal audit of an object or project

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