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Government Relations

Development and maintenance of efficient relations with authorities is one of the key components of a successful business, strengthening of companies’ market positions, and implementation of strategic investment projects in the CIS states. Our team of the Government Relations (GR) practice consists of specialists having sustainable relations with the state authorities who understand the specific nature of interaction with governmental bodies and have vast experience of representation of companies’ interests in disputes with the governmental bodies.

In view of the sustainable trend toward strengthening of the government’s impact on regulation of economy, domestic and international business processes, private companies are seeking to invite a qualified advisor for receiving an efficient support in the issues related to implementation of business projects, protection of their business interests, and strengthening of their positions in the market. To solve such problems, an advisor on government relations should have not only well-developed stable relations but also extensive knowledge of the normative legal environment, social, economic, and political processes, specific feature of activities of the companies represented in different CIS regions and industries. We have practical experience of developing a highly efficient dialog between the business and governmental organizations, harmonization of their goals and interests within the framework of the existing legal field strengthening the business reputation of our clients and ensuring confidentiality of data provided to us.

Clients from various branches of economy come to us to receive professional assistance in solving different business tasks encountered at all stages of company business development. Usually, our clients’ requests are aimed at receiving qualified support in the process of development of a government relations strategy with regard to adherence to regulatory requirements during the companies’ audits by the governmental bodies, representation of their interests in litigation with governmental bodies as well as in non-financial risk management.

Assistance in GR for Law Drafting

Organization of efficient work with governmental bodies becomes one of the most important issues for business at the stage of initiation of amendments to the national legal regulation both of an individual economic branch and of a specific business. We develop a government relations strategy for all law drafting stages – from development to adoption of normative legal acts.

Due to combining significant experience of work in civil service with knowledge of internal principles of work of governmental bodies and understanding of the decision-making mechanisms, the GR practice experts have all necessary knowledge and skills for achieving the maximum results in promoting our clients’ business initiatives.

Assistance in Supporting Operational activities of Companies, Implementation of Investment and Business Projects 

In view of the growing governmental impact on business processes and government’s involvement in regulation of activities of various economic branches, our clients’ requests are also related to support in registration activities with the bodies regulating professional work in individual branches of economy, taxation in different business areas, public private partnerships, foreign economic activities of companies, licensing and obtainment of permit documents, consultations on organization and/or participation in competitive bidding, support in property privatization and conduct of public procurements, and implementation of other investment projects.

The decisions developed for our clients within the GR practice are usually comprehensive and modeled on the basis of involvement of specialists from various legal fields, namely:  Litigation, Tax, Corporate/M&A, Banking and Finance, Real Estate and Construction, Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Competition, Labour and Employment.

Range of Services

Related legal areas

Intellectual Property

Provision of consultations (tactical recommendations in the area of interaction with profile governmental bodies)

Government Relations

Strategic project support taking into consideration legislative trends in regulating profile branches of the client’s activities

Consulting clients on financial services and regulatory sphere


Support in registration with the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, and the National Commission on Regulation of Financial Services Markets

Consulting clients on related legal and regulatory issues

Consulting clients on public private partnerships

Consulting clients on derivatives, collateral instruments, repo transactions

Consulting clients on taxation in the investments sphere



Consulting clients on income taxation

Consulting clients on VAT and other issues related to the tax credit

Consulting clients on the optimal real estate taxation

Consulting clients on taxation of labour activities

Consulting clients on taxation of individual incomes

Consulting clients on specific features of taxation of transactions involving assets, insurance activities, investment funds, foreign economic activities

Support in receiving tax consultations

Support in registration of real estate

Real Estate and Construction

Assistance in licensing, obtainment of permit documents

Consulting clients on obtainment of a preliminary permit from the AMCU for concentration

Antitrust and Competition

Consulting clients on organization and/or participation in competitive bidding

Obtainment of permits for employment of foreigners

Labour and Employment


Assistance in drafting and submission of applications for protection documents (patents, certificates) for respective intellectual property items (IPI)

Assistance in copyright registration

Intellectual Property

Assistance in IPI registration in the State Customs Register of Intellectual Property Items

Representation of the clients’ interests in the governmental bodies (AMCU, MoI) aimed at terminating violations of intellectual property rights and/or imposing a fine on the violator

Preparation of claims to legal entities and/or individuals concerning termination of violations of intellectual property rights

Representation of the clients’ interests in courts aimed at prohibiting improper IPI use and invalidating the protection documents

Anti-raid and re-privatization


Support in administrative appeals against decisions of regulatory authorities

Support in the process of appealing against decisions of regulatory authorities in courts

Disputes concerning a transfer of a negative value of a tax entity from the previous years

Disputes concerning nullity of transactions

Disputes concerning the tax credit

Support in resolution of problems related to the tax credit and remuneration from the budget

Disputes related to remunerations from the budget

Appeals against the fines imposed for breaking the timelines of the currency incomes return, application of other sanctions for violation of the procedure for carrying out foreign economic activities

Conflict resolution in the sphere of land relations, transactions and  ownership right to real estate

Litigation related to appealing against action (inaction) of governmental bodies

Protection of registered trademarks from illegal use in courts of all instances

Initiation of  the action proceedings and conduct of litigations concerning termination of the passage through the customs border of the goods imported with violation of intellectual property rights, and introduction of a ban on importing such goods

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