INTEGRITES Russia partner Ekaterina Rudova spoke at the online meeting og the Committee on Agriculture of CCI France Russie Events

Ekaterina Rudova, Partner, head of corporate and M&A practice at INTEGRITES Russia and co-chair of the Committee on Agriculture (AIC) of Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Russie), spoke at the online meeting of the Committee held on April 28, 2020. The meeting was dedicated to discussing direct economic support measures and to the restriction of measures of state control in the agro-industrial complex.

Ekaterina gave an overview of the economic and legal rules applicable to agribusiness companies during the pandemic.

Ekaterina explained in detail the following questions:

  • Renewal of licenses and permits as the main measures to support the industry
  • Postponement of the introduction of mandatory digital marking for dairy products
  • Export restrictions and changes in the structure of imports of agricultural products
  • Agribusiness development strategy until 2030

Meetings of the Committee on agro-industry are devoted to the latest developments and prospects of partnership between Russia and France in the field of agriculture. Sessions cover the most relevant topics.

The Committee encourages dialogue between business and government, in particular, the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, and helps to establish cooperation between producers and investors.

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