The agro-industrial complex of the country has always been a donor for other sectors of the economy and a source of proceeds to the national budget. The country’s economic growth largely depends on the progress and performance of agriculture. The INTEGRITES team provides its clients with quality legal support aimed at protecting business and increasing its efficiency.

Our services in this area include:

  • Creating a new business and investing in new projects
  • Legal regulation of land lease
  • Foreign trade contracts, customs and export control
  • Corporate and project financing, equipment leasing contracts
  • Legal audit, M&A and transactions involving investment funds
  • Optimization of taxation and transfer pricing
  • Company’s compliance with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation
  • Antimonopoly investigations, licensing procedures in antimonopoly agencies and other issues of competition law
  • Settlement of disputes with regulatory authorities
  • Settlement of disputes with contractors in courts and in international arbitration

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