The procurement of goods, works and services by the state, local authorities and state-owned enterprises is an important factor in any national economy. The often high volumes involved make procurement procedures susceptible to collusion and influence of all kinds. In order to make the procurement procedures open, fair and equitable, many reforms have been carried out in the post-Soviet countries in recent years.

Even though the newer provisions of public procurement law have already contributed a great deal to improving the procedures, in practice questions often remain, and points of dispute arise.

INTEGRITES has advised and represented many national and international bidders in procurement procedures. We have also advised state contracting authorities on the design of open, fair and equitable procurement procedures. We know the stumbling blocks and difficulties of procurement procedures and advise in the run-up to tenders, during the procedure and in the review of award decisions.

Key services

Monitoring of tenders

We carry out the initial search for tenders, analyse them and advise clients on strategies for participation.

Elimination of discriminatory requirements

In cases where a client is not allowed to participate in a tender, we help to eliminate discriminatory tender requirements that may have led to this. In this way, our team contributes to the establishment of the equal requirements for all bidders.

Preparation of bids

Our team provides legal support on preparing tender bids. We conduct an anti-monopoly audit of the bid, participate in its preparation, and assist up to the submission to the Prozorro electronic system.

Appeal against tender results to the AMCU

If the client's bid is rejected, or the client disagrees with another company being recognized as the winner, our team appeals the decision of the customer in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU). We analyse other bids and the grounds for rejecting the client's bid, develop the justification and file an appeal to the AMCU.

Appeal against AMCU’s decisions in court

In cases where the client disagrees with the decision of the AMCU on the results of the tender, we analyse the options for appealing it in court, justify the violation of the client's rights and help to appeal the decision of the Committee in court.

Support in the signing and execution of the contract

To help the client to avoid mistakes when concluding a contract with the customer, our team analyses the draft contract and develops recommendations on changes to the contract, as well as represents the client in negotiations with the customer.

Our experience

The team helped to unblock the client's participation in the tender for the supply of lighting equipment. With the help of an appeal to the AMCU, discriminatory requirements to the products of the bidders were eliminated.

As a result of the appeal to the AMCU, the conditions of the tender documentation were amended. The changes enabled the client to offer the product on equal terms with other participants.

Having challenged the customer's decision, our team assisted the client with the bid on the supply of equipment for nuclear power enterprises and provided support to the client in signing a contract on favorable terms (terms and place of delivery).

The team provided recommendations for the development of an internal procurement system and presented them during trainings for members of tender committees of all territorial divisions of the client.