Andrey Astanin
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Andrey Astanin

Andrey Astanin, a lawyer with many years of practical experience, is a off Counsel of Antitrust / Regulatory Practice.  

Andrey Astanin focuses on the development of antitrust compliance systems, advising on unfair competition, public, private and municipal procurement, as well as representation of clients ‘ interests in FAS Russia. In addition, Andrey Astanin is engaged in getting prior approvals of FAS Russia to make  transactions, including transactions related to the acquisition of assets of natural monopolies and strategic enterprises. 


Andrey Astanin studied international private law at Moscow state law University of O. E. Kutafin 

Professional experience: 

Andrey Astanin worked as a off Counsel on all issues of Antimonopoly legislation.  

Before joining INTEGRITES, one of Andrey’s specializations was advising private companies and state corporations on the application of procurement legislation. In particular, he advised on the development of documents regulating the procurement procedure of large companies, as well as on the conduct of individual procurement procedures. In addition to this, Andrey was involved in a dispute of the procurement procedure and tenders for concession agreements. 

During his practical work, Andrey has gained considerable experience in representing clients in the FAS Russia in cases of unfair competition, cartels, illegal economic coordination and abuse of dominant position. 


Among Andrey Astanin’s clients are large credit, insurance, transport, pharmaceutical and energy organizations. 

Membership and professional appointments: 

Andrey Astanin is a member of the Competition experts association. 

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Antitrust cases on the market of home appliance and consumer electronics

Recently, news related to the FAS (Russian antimonopoly government agency) appears mostly in the context of legislative initiatives. One such initiative is the proposal of «the 5th antitrust package», aimed at regulating the digital economy….

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