British and Ukrainian legal experts have exchanged their experience during English Law Day Forum in Kyiv


Olena Perepelynska and Vsevolod Volkov, partners of international arbitration  INTEGRITES, participated in «English Law Day Forum in Kyiv», organized by lawyers of England and Wales, British embassy in Ukraine, Ukrainian National BAR Association and British-Ukrainian Legal Association.

During the seminar the issue of official recognition of English and Ukrainian arbitration awards was actively discussed. Olena Perepelynska told about the conflicts at the legislative level and ways to solve them. Vsevolod Volkov discussed the actions in case of non-enforcement of arbitration awards and ways to identify and preserve the assets of the debtor.

“The forum allows us to discuss the difficulties we face in our daily routine, and certainly such discussions unite not only Ukrainian and British legal experts, but representatives of the business community,” summed up Olena Perepelynska.