INTEGRITES became the Ukraine Knowledge Partner of the Black Sea Energy Week 2020


INTEGRITES became the Ukraine Knowledge Partner of Black Sea Energy Week 2020, bringing together authorities and energy companies from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Georgia as well as international financial institutions and major multinational investors, EPC and consultancy firms. The event took place online on September 29-30, 2020.

The dialogue between participants aimed at fostering the deployment of renewable energy in the Black Sea region and attracting foreign direct investment.

Issues on the agenda were:

  • RES policies for the energy transition
  • Challenges of intermittency and energy security
  • Investors’ viewpoint on the region’s potential
  • Financing renewable energy projects

The panelists discussed the recent developments in the regional RE sector, including incentives for producers, changes in the feed-in tariffs, as well as further perspectives, local energy demand and the untapped onshore and offshore potential of the region.

As a speaker of the conference, Managing partner at INTEGRITES Oleksiy Feliv covered the outcomes of the amendments to the Ukraine’s FiT law introduced in summer 2020 and possible ways to maintain solvency of the Guaranteed Buyer.

“Having stepped out of the deadlock past summer, the RE sector in Ukraine now needs to restore the balance with the solvency of the Guaranteed Buyer which will ensure the sustainable development of the sector. As a legal counsel to the largest international investors and an active contributor to the industrial policy making, INTEGRITES acts as a facilitator of the dialogue between key stakeholders”, he commented.


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