Olena Perepelynska and Serhii Uvarov spoke at Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum


Olena Perepelynska, Partner at INTEGRITES and Serhii Uvarov, Counsel, spoke at Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum, which was held on 20-21 September in Minsk.

This year, the event was devoted to discussion of the experts’ role in arbitration proceedings, as well as the most efficient ways to use experts both by the parties and by the arbitral tribunals.

Olena Perepelynska spoke at the Workshop on Prague Rules, a side-event preceding the conference. She discussed the prospects of this set of rules of the conduct of proceedings, as well as advantages of a pro-active role of the arbitrators in establishing the facts of the case, managing arbitration proceedings, facilitating the amicable settlement of the dispute and other aspects of the arbitration process.

Serhii Uvarov moderated the session of the conference dedicated to selection of experts in arbitration and litigation. The panelists discussed the criteria that should be considered when choosing an expert; the relevance of the conflict of interest in respect of experts, its impact on the efficiency of the process and the evidentiary value of the expert’s testimony; as well as the role of business intelligence in support of litigation.

The Forum gathered over 200 lawyers, in particular representatives of international law firms, corporate and in-house lawyers, experts in the field of litigation and arbitration from Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, CIS, Western Europe and the United States, members of the academic community and the public sector, as well as heads of major European arbitral centers and institutions.