Olena Perepelynska, Partner and Head of CIS Arbitration Practice at INTEGRITES, spoke at the Seminar “Key features of arbitration at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce” organized at the Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum


The seminar was focused on arbitration at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce as an efficient alternative dispute resolution tool for Ukrainian and international businesses. Leading legal counsels gave a short overview of the recent developments at the SCC and the general practice, underlying the relevance of the procedure at the Institution for both small and large-scale disputes.

Considering publicly actively discussed SCC case, among them – Naftogaz cases, the enforceability of the awards, described by Olena Perepelynska, was one of the most engaging issues of the event. Olena spoke about the general enforcement procedure, its main challenges and provided the audience with practical analysis of the main Ukrainian cases at the SCC and their outcomes.

The seminar was organized by Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC), in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv, the Swedish Arbitration Association, Young Arbitrators Sweden and with support of Ukrainian Arbitration Association.