INTEGRITES Re-Engages in the Senior Trainee Week by Enjoying Life Foundation


INTEGRITES participated in the Senior Trainee Week re-launched by the Enjoying Life Foundation after almost a year-long break. The project aims at challenging the stereotypes related to age discrimination in the Ukrainian labour market and allows senior generation to try themselves in new professions.

INTEGRITES’ trainee Tetiana Moroz is a qualified teacher and accountant. For one week, Tetiana assisted the firm’s team offline as a receptionist. Her main duties included receiving calls, written translation, work with correspondence, documents and databases.

Mariya Spyelkova, administrative director, INTEGRITES: “After five years of partnership with Enjoying Life, we are happy to participate in The Senior Trainee Week again. Our trainee, Tetiana, came for new experience and inspiration to grow. Our whole team was engaged into helping her to adapt to the new environment and knowledge as smooth as possible. We believe that experience gained in the firm will give a boost to Tetiana, and her professional path will further evolve.”


Tetiana Frolova, project manager, Enjoying Life Foundation: "Since the start of the project, we’ve witnessed significant positive change: if a few years ago, employers considered candidates of senior age only for lower positions, despite their qualification and job experience, now many companies demonstrate less focus on age. This year, for the first time we have internally displaced people aged 50+ taking part in the Senior Trainee Week. It’s great to see this particularly vulnerable group of job seekers believing in themselves and their ability to find job. We appreciate the involvement of INTEGRITES, its active position in fighting age discrimination and the example that the firm sets for other businesses."


*Enjoying Life (formerly – Lifelover) is a charitable foundation established in 2013 to provide targeted help and arrange leisure time for the elderly people. Leveraging its extensive volunteer network, the foundation gives the senior generation many opportunities to socialize and integrate into local communities, as well as provides access to free meals and medications.