INTEGRITES lawyers successfully represented Limagrain’s interests in case of violation its intellectual property rights


The team of INTEGRITES white-collar crime practice, represented by Counsel Volodymyr Rudnychenko and associate Mykola Nychyporuk, successfully represented the clients’ interests, one of the leading international agricultural company Limagrain, in criminal proceedings about its trademark infringement.

Due to the active initiation of investigations and other procedural actions, INTEGRITES lawyers provided an effective gathering of the facts that prove the illegally manufactured products sale under the Limagrain’s trademark by an entrepreneur. As a result, she got a Notice of Suspicion and the criminal proceedings and the civil claim was indicted afterward.

The amount of evidence collected by attorneys, brought the suspect to initiate negotiations with the victim for compensation of the damages.

“Despite the fact that the victims’ protection is a very difficult and laborious process, given the lack of systematic judicial practice in crimes related to intellectual property, without any doubts proactive and well-focused legal assistance brings positive results. These criminal proceedings is one of the bright examples”, – said Volodymyr Rudnychenko.

Limagrain Ukraine LLC is a subsidiary of Limagrain Europe, the European field seeds Business Unit of Limagrain, 4th largest seed company worldwide.