INTEGRITES protected interests of a foreign company in Ukraine in UAH 100 mln dispute


Domestic Litigation team at INTEGRITES successfully protected interests of a foreign creditor in UAH 100 mln dispute related to debt recovery from a Ukrainian enterprise. The dispute arose following the failure of the debtor, an agricultural company, to comply with the terms of the loan agreement.

The case was complicated due to the conflict between the debtor, local community and the authorities of Poltava region (Ukraine), where the debtor’s production facilities had been located. In 2016, following the multi-party tension, the debtor suspended its operations. INTEGRITES lawyers filed a claim to return the funds invested by the client.

As a result of successful efforts in court and during negotiations with the debtor, more than 80% of the debt was paid off to the client before the court decision came into force.

Supervised by Oleksandr Onishchenko, partner and Head of Domestic Litigation, INTEGRITES team included senior associates Anton Kaganets and Serhii Rymar.