INTEGRITES published pro bono taxation guidebooks for Ukrainians relocated abroad due to war


INTEGRITES published free-access electronic guidebooks on taxation of Ukrainians relocated abroad because of the war. The bilingual knowledge product developed by the Tax and Customs practice on a pro bono basis covers five jurisdictions with the largest number of the registered Ukrainian refugees – Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Spain.

Supervised by partner Viktoriya Fomenko with senior associate Vitalii Labadin as project leader, the team has carried out comprehensive research of the taxation legislation in these jurisdictions and prepared the full-scope analysis of tax implications for Ukrainian refugees relocated to them. The guidebooks cover the peculiarities of tax residency, risks of double taxation, income tax specifics, registration with the official authorities. The firm’s team has also completed the translation of the English versions of the guidebooks into Ukrainian.

Lawyers from Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek (Germany), DZP (Poland), CREDIS Law (Slovakia), PRK Partners (Czech Republic) and Garrigues (Spain) have contributed to the project on a pro bono basis by complementing the sections developed by INTEGRITES with the additional parts about taxation in their respective jurisdictions, or by sharing their expert comments and amendments to those sections.

The guidebooks are available in English and Ukrainian and can be accessed via link:

Taxes for Ukrainians After Their Relocation Abroad


Viktoriya Fomenko, Head of Tax and Customs: “This project has a special meaning to our team as we share our expertise with fellow Ukrainians – individuals and companies who experience the hardest challenge in their lives and need basic legal assistance. This initiative is our way to help them, and we are extremely thankful to our peers for their contributions and supportive attitude which made the project possible”.