CEE LM – The Corner Office: Partnership Tracks


The Partnership Track at Integrites is about transparency. During onboarding, lawyers get a clear vision of their growth in the firm. Even during the war, annual evaluation results are the grounds for promotions.

To become a Salary Partner, the candidate must build up a team, select and develop a certain industry focus, and have a business case with a minimum annual turnover. These prerequisites equally apply to any candidate. To become an Equity Partner, the Salary Partner must fulfill turnover requirements for three consecutive years.

The formula works: Viktoriya Fomenko, Serhii Uvarov, and Illya Tkachuk are great examples. Viktoriya joined us in 2017 as a Counsel in tax and customs. She has built a strong team and the whole practice from scratch. Serhii joined in 2018 as a Counsel in cross-border dispute resolution and led one of the most high-profile disputes over the last decades. Having met the above criteria, both got promoted to Partners in 2019 and 2021 respectively. Illya Tkachuk, corporate and M&A Partner since 2019 and Equity Partner since 2022, is an example that stands out. He has been exceptional in business development and client relations during the COVID-19 pandemic and the war.

Notably, Equity Partner promotions are quite rare in Ukraine, and equity partnership is a kind of VIP club. We try to change this perception: equity partnership is open, and the criteria are clear and straightforward.