The Paper on Economic and Policy Considerations for Designing a Ukrainian Affordable Housing Policy


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Although affordable housing is a social good (it helps families, the elderly, vulnerable people, and veterans), it is also an economic good (expensive to produce, valuable to its owners, and a driver of economic growth) and a policy good (contributing to sustainable, equitable, accessible cities). Because of this, affordable housing for citizens is a policy goal worldwide and must be an urgent priority for Ukraine’s postwar economic repositioning and revival. This entails addressing core questions of national policy: who benefits; where it is to be located; how it is produced, financed, and owned; and how it is coordinated with other key sectors of the society and economy.

This paper sets forth economic and policy considerations that should bear on housing policy, and should be borne in mind by national policy makers from other sectors.

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Balazs Romhanyi, Executive Director of the Fiscal Responsibility Institute of Budapest, a founding member of the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative’s pro-bono cabinet of experts.

*With input from:*
Oleh Zahnitko, Olena Savchuk, and Tetiana Storozhuk, INTEGRITES

The author also thanks
the Affordable Housing Institute’s Derek Long and David A. Smith for careful reading of the draft and for many useful comments and suggestions.

Rehousing Ukraine Initiative