The State Registry of Sanctions has been launched in Ukraine


On 29 January 2024, the President of Ukraine issued a decree enacting the decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine which approves the Regulation on the State Registry of Sanctions (the "Registry").

Now everyone has free and unrestricted access to information about the persons sanctioned in Ukraine. The launch of the Registry will allow businesses to quickly verify the information about their current and potential counterparties and their top management before making relevant decisions.

As of today, the Registry contains information on 10,084 sanctioned individuals and 7,118 sanctioned legal entities.

What are the benefits of the Registry?

For this purpose, in the search bar on the home page of the official website of the Registry or in the "Sanctions List" section, one should enter the identification data of the person subject to the request in Ukrainian or English (name, tax number, registration number, ID details, etc.).

As a result of the search, the Registry displays information on the status, duration, types of sanctions imposed and the identification data of the person subject to the sanctions.

For users’ convenience, the search menu in the "Sanctions List" section also contains filters which allow sorting the search results by relevant criteria.

Obtaining a free-of-charge extract from the Registry

To obtain an extract on an individual, the following key search parameters can be used in the "Registry Extract" section: full name, identity document, and tax number. Additional search parameters include the citizenship and date of birth of the individual in question.

To obtain an extract on a legal entity, the name, tax number or registration number of the legal entity should be entered in the search query. An additional search parameter is the country and territories where the legal entity is registered or carries out economic activities.

Based on the search results, the Registry will offer to download a PDF file or an archive with an electronic signature.


Unlike the War&Sanctions database, the Registry does not contain information on the candidates for sanctions, foreign directors in Russian companies and international war sponsors. Therefore, when conducting checks of counterparties for sanctions and other risks, it is advisable to use both the Registry and the data in the War&Sanctions database.

For detailed information, please contact INTEGRITES Business Protection, Compliance and Anti-corruption practice.