Business breakfast “Everything is under control: what the lawyer should take into account while concluding GAFTA contracts. Practical recommendations. Case study”


On March 29, 2018 International Law Firm INTEGRITES hosted business breakfast during which the participants had an opportunity to receive practical recommendations for drafting grain corps export contracts with GAFTA standard forms as well as what Ukrainian agro-industrial companies should take into account while choosing the contractor for the export contract.

In her presentation, Victoria Melnychenko, Head of Agro&Food and Compliance Practices at INTEGRITES, told about GAFTA association, its main objective as well as what should be added obligatory into the export contract, including taking into account national peculiarities of the exporter.

Olena Perepelynska, Partner and Head of CIS Arbitration Practice at INTEGRITES, shared her experience of many years for representing clients in different arbitration institutions, emphasizing the importance to evaluate all risks at the stage of contract concluding, namely in relation to the certain company that is offered by the group of companies as a contractor under the contract, in relation to who exactly performs the contract as well as to evaluate the perspectives for arbitral award to be enforced before the arbitration procedure starts.