Dmytro Marchukov Spoke at the C5 Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery Conference in Geneva


Dmytro Marchukov, partner and Head of Cross-Border Litigation at INTEGRITES, took part in the 17th edition of the Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery Conference organised by C5 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dmytro spoke at the panel session on Multi-Jurisdictional Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Trends: Priorities and Cross-Agency Coordination for Identifying Hidden or Undervalued Assets. The panel specifically focused on the coordination of efforts between authorities of the various states with the view to assist in recovery of assets by private creditors.

During his presentation, Dmytro Marchukov emphasized on the need for the international cooperation to enable private victims – Ukrainian and foreign ones – of the russian aggression against Ukraine to have their damages compensated out of the assets belonging to the russian federation and its alter egos (including the assets, which have already been frozen in various jurisdictions). He also described the progress, which has been achieved in this regard after russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine in February 2022.

Dmytro Marchukov: “When fraudsters and other perpetrators are not keen to compensate voluntarily the damages, which have been caused by their wrongdoings, private creditors typically have no other choice but to rely on the public agencies, which have the authority to investigate the wrongdoings, to prosecute the wrongdoers and to ultimately hold them accountable. In the ever-globalised world, efficient coordination between such agencies is crucial. That is not an exception when one has to seek compensation from a rogue sovereign like putin’s russia… and this is what adds great relevance to the discussion that we had among the speakers.”

For almost two decades, the C5 Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery Conference in Geneva gathers state officials, prominent lawyers, and other practitioners to discuss the hottest topics of investigating financial crime, efficient enforcement of sanctions, unwinding asset dissipation and restoring the justice through cross-border effort.