INTEGRITES protected the right of Centravis to supply seamless stainless pipes to the Eurasian Economic Union


INTEGRITES successfully protected interests of Centravis, one of the world’s top manufacturers of seamless stainless-steel pipes, in a sunset antidumping investigation. Initiated by the Russian producers of the same product, the investigation related to the import of pipes of the Ukrainian origin onto the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

The case arose due to the expiration of the antidumping measure imposed on the client’s products and their import to the EEU in 2016. Using the in-depth economic analysis during the review investigation initiated by opponents in 2020, INTEGRITES developed legal and economic counter-arguments that allowed, inter alia, to reduce the dumping margin by several times compared to the one sought by the petitioners.

The outcome of the case enabled Centravis to continue imports to the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union with the lowest possible antidumping duty applied. The duty will remain in effect till 2026.

Led by the Counsel on economic investigations Yevgen Ivanets, the group working on the case included Head of International Trade practice at INTEGRITES, Counsel Sergii Lakhno, Junior Associate Ivan Yefimenko and the firm’s analytical department.