INTEGRITES – pro bono legal counsel to a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


INTEGRITES provides pro bono comprehensive support to a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and his family on a wide range of legal issues related to the military service.

The firm has recently defended the client against criminal charges brought against him by the military command. The client, combatant in various regions of Ukraine in 2022-2024, received serious injuries in December 2022 near the city of Bakhmut, Donetsk region. After a complex medical treatment and long rehabilitation, he returned to the unit, but due to the complications from the previous injuries, he received new ones and was unable to continue his combat mission. His refusal to return to the combat positions for health reasons resulted in the initiation of an internal investigation, followed by the criminal proceedings opened against him.

INTEGRITES Domestic Litigation practice team developed a thorough defense strategy and supported the client during the investigation. As a result, in February 2024, all the charges against the client were dropped at the initial stage of the investigation.

Our team also advises the client on the social security and remuneration for the servicemen, obtaining the status of a combatant and collection of the due monetary compensation for the period of his treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, INTEGRITES advises the client's mother regarding the disbursements related to the captivity of her husband (the client's father) by the Russian forces.

The core team which has advised the client and his family since 2023 consists of the partner and head of practice Oleksandr Onishchenko, associate Mykola Yerema and paralegal Viktoriia Bondar.


INTEGRITES has been particularly active in advising Ukrainian defenders and their families on the pro bono basis since March 2022. Dozens of Ukrainians who participated in combat against Russia have already received free legal advice.

More about our pro bono assistance to the Ukrainian military can be found here.