INTEGRITES participates in the World4Ukraine Summit


INTEGRITES Managing partner, Dr. Oleksiy Feliv took part in the W4UA Summit organized by World 4 Ukraine Foundation and held Rzeszow, Poland, on Dec 7-9, 2022.

Oleksiy Feliv moderated two panel discussions – Temporary Shelter and Long-term Housing Solutions on Dec 8th and Rebuilding Ukraine’s Urban Spaces and Infrastructure on Dec 9th.

The panels brought together representatives of state agencies, the regional municipalities in Ukraine and Poland, experts in development, engineering, construction and urban design. Both sessions addressed the short-term and the long-term reconstruction perspectives, highlighting the need for an integrated approach of the Ukrainian state authorities and global community.

Oleksiy Feliv: “Being involved in the Rehousing Ukraine Initiative, I gladly accepted the invitation to join the panels on rebuilding Ukraine as moderator. The W4U Summit became a discussion platform for hundreds of enthusiasts engaged in war relief for Ukraine. It’s incredible how many people, organisations and companies are already helping us to minimise the impact of the war. I am sure that the post-war Ukraine will become a place for implementing great ideas, using newest technologies and global best practices to reconstruct urban spaces and infrastructure”.

About the event The W4UA Summit attracts central and local government institutions, international organizations, NGOs, businesses, think-tanks and media – from Ukraine and the world at large, to create better humanitarian, social and economic solutions for the Ukrainian relief effort.