INTEGRITES Team Shares Mechanisms of Bankruptcy Control


The lawyers of Litigation practice held a business breakfast on the topic of  “Bankruptcy: Arranging and Control”. The Counsel Volodymyr Pavlenko and the associate Orest Tsimerman discussed in detail the legal assistance of bankruptcy, from risk assessment to active measures during the bankruptcy.

“Insolvency cases are frequent in the economy and when they result in bankruptcy, the consequences are significant. The main goal of such an event is to expand the expertise of clients in problematic business areas, help them understand the bankruptcy issues and suggest the correct strategic and tactical solution,”- comments the INTEGRITES associate Orest Tsimerman.

According to the Counsel Volodymyr Pavlenko, debt recovery and debt restructuring have been challenging business issues for more than a year: “Bankruptcy is one of the effective mechanisms allowing debtors to achieve debt restructuring and lenders to get their money as well as collect the assets. This is the first lecture, we are planning to continue discussing the other mechanisms, and it will be informative”.