Oleksiy Feliv spoke at the Ukrainian Renewables Forum in London


June 24, London. INTEGRITES Managing Partner Oleksiy Feliv spoke at the Ukrainian Renewables Forum, a platform for discussion on key trends, challenges, and opportunities of the renewable energy market in Ukraine. He took the floor at the panel on project financing in the field to focus on:

  • Recent trends in RES in Ukraine
  • Current regulation and Auction Law
  • Highlights of 250 MW Syvash wind plant – the project implemented in Kherson by INTEGRITES’ client, Norwegian NBT
  • Project financing peculiarities
  • Other INTEGRITES ongoing projects (Scatec Solar, Eurocape)

“In Ukraine, renewables are in the headlines. It’s an industry where you have real investment. According to RES, since 2014, over € 2.5 billion are invested into RES projects. In 1Q 2019, 861.1 MW facilities are commissioned in Ukraine, which is 16% more than in the whole 2018. The new Auction’s law is purposed to establish an economically viable price for “green” electricity, ensure transparent distribution of FiT between producers, ease the burden for the state and make the industry more transparent. So we believe that investors’ interest will grow even more”, – highlighted Oleksiy.

He also marked that project financing is essential for Ukraine and shared the insights on INTEGRITES’ recent experience, giving an example of Syvash wind plant which is under construction now: “In April 2019, our clients NBT and Total Eren signed financing agreements for the second phase of a 250 MW wind project located in the Kherson region of Ukraine. All in all, the financing put in place for the whole project reaches €262.6 million. This is the first project financing of such volume in Ukraine, totally provided by international lenders from 7 jurisdictions. This proves confidence in Ukraine from international financial institutions and means that we are on the right path».

Ukraine Renewables Forum in London was co-organized by the Strategy Council and the Office of the National Investment Council of Ukraine. It gathered together leading project developers, officials and stakeholders, together with their international counterparts, to exchange insights into one of Europe’s fastest growing renewables markets. Participants discussed investment attractiveness of Ukraine’s renewable sector, potential growth points, transition from FiT to auctions and the appetite of major financial institutions for projects in renewables.

More information available in presentation here.