Food industry is one of the most actively developing sectors of the economy in the CIS countries. Over the recent years, the number of enterprises in this industry has significantly increased, as has competitiveness of their products and their export volumes. At the same time, the legislation that regulates this sector is changing continuously.

Our services in this area include:

  • Legal support of investment projects, including legal due diligence;
  • Recovery of receivables;
  • Government relations (GR): interaction with the government agencies with the objective to protect the interests of the Client’s business, including addressing the business ombudsman office, the Embassy of the country where the parent company resides and other authorities;
  • Consultations on issues related to export of products to the EU countries;
  • Training sessions for the legal and marketing departments in the company of the Client in order to provide them with information on advertising and promotion of their products in the market without violating the legislation;
  • Representing the client’s interests in the competition regulator during antimonopoly investigations and challenging the decisions of the competition regulator both in administrative and judicial procedures;
  • Legal support during introduction of a new product to the market, consultations on issues related to its certification and marking, including to the design of the new package as well as when the markings such as “eco”, “organic product”, “bio”, “for children” and others are used, in order to avoid the violation of legislation.

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