The healthcare systems in the countries of the FSU region are characterised by a so-called two-tier system – the deficit state healthcare on one hand and a modern, privately financed healthcare on the other. The need for investment is enormous: there is still great potential in the areas of clinic construction and medical infrastructure, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, the healthcare sector is a strongly regulated area and, due to its proximity to the state, often enough appears a rather non-transparent field.

In recent years, we have primarily supported companies in matters relating to public procurement, licensing and sales of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, as well as in planning and construction of medical facilities.

Key expertise:

  • Corporate and tax structuring of investments
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Participation in public procurement tenders
  • Trade and customs matters
  • Competition and antitrust law issues
  • Assistance in dealing with state authorities
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Compliance audit of advertising materials for medications
  • Antitrust review of distribution agreements
  • Conducting training to prevent / minimize risks under competition law
  • Assistance with the registration of medications


Oleksandr Onishchenko

Partner, Ukraine

Svetlana Shtopol

Partner, Kazakhstan

Dmytriy Nyshpal


Vyacheslav Korchev

Senior Partner, Ukraine