The past few decades have seen intensive development of the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine across the globe. INTEGRITES provides customers with legal support, as well as with comprehensive business solutions.

Our services in this area include:

  • Creating and structuring a new business
  • Compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements
  • Settlement of intellectual property disputes
  • Legal support of public procurement
  • Legal audit, M&A and transactions involving investment funds
  • Tax advice
  • Consultation on commercial and customs matters
  • Consultation on issues of antimonopoly law and competition
  • Representation of clients’ interests during investigations by antimonopoly bodies (abuse of dominant position, anticompetitive agreements and concerted actions, issues of unfair competition)
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Legal support during investigations into violation of the antimonopoly legislation, including the definition of the market of goods
  • Legal examination of advertising materials of medicinal products
  • Analysis of distribution contracts in terms of antitrust risks
  • Comprehensive traning sessions aimed at preventing / minimizing antimonopoly risks
  • Antimonopoly appeal of decisions in the field of public procurement of medical equipment and medicines
  • Development of commercial policy of the company
  • Legal support for registration of medicines
  • Settlement of disputes in related to contract law, copyright and related rights, as well as patent disputes

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