Despite statistically low contribution of the construction industry to the country’s GDP (only about 3%), it is one of the main driving forces for creating material benefits and additional prospects in related sectors of the country’s economy (construction materials, energy, logistics and transportation, etc.) . The increase in the volume of real estate development is a positive indicator of economic recovery. The INTEGRITES team has a wide experience in accompanying various types of transactions in real estate development and construction, therefore it offers clients consultations and an integrated approach to each project.

Our services in this area include:

  • Legal audit of real estate objects
  • Legal support of real estate purchase and sale transactions
  • Consultations related to investments into real estate
  • Consultations related to construction and development of facilities
  • Consultations related to public-private partnerships
  • Preparation of lease agreements, agreement performance oversight and settlement of disputes under lease agreements
  • Registration of ownership of immovable property
  • Registration and release of encumbrances on real estate
  • Legal support of property disputes
  • Settlement of issues related to foreclosure on the subject of mortgage
  • Legal support of tenders for state and municipal property
  • Legal support of allotment of land plots, as well as changing the purpose or configuration of plots
  • Legal support of the process of decreasing the normative cost of land plots, as well as reducing the costs of compensating agricultural production losses


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