INTEGRITES Became Signatory to the Ukraine Business Compact 2023


INTEGRITES signed Ukraine Business Compact 2023 – Principles for Ukraine’s long-term sustainable economic recovery, initiated by the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2023). The signing ceremony took place during  the special event "From Principles to Action: Towards the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023" organized by the United Nations Global Compact Network Ukraine.

Ukraine Business Compact aims at consolidation of the business community around the mutual goal – reconstruction and revitalization of Ukraine and its post-war economy.

As a signatory, INTEGRITES commits to supporting the country’s recovery and reconstruction, to using every opportunity to share the team’s experience and expertise, and to engaging in pro bono work. The firm also commits to sharing values which form the basis of the Compact.

The Ukraine Business Compact will be officially presented at the URC 2023 in London, UK, on June 21-22, 2023.