INTEGRITES Stops Providing Legal Services to Russian Business Entities and Individuals


In December 2021, INTEGRITES decided to close the office in Moscow. Now, since Feb 24, 2022, the eyes of the whole world are on Ukraine that heroically resists Russia’s brutal war and aggression. Both INTEGRITES offices in Ukraine and Kazakhstan stop providing any legal services to Russian clients.

We condemn Russia's inhumane actions across many regions of Ukraine – they’ve made safety for our families and employees and support to the Ukrainian army the firm’s key priorities.

INTEGRITES has cut ties with the country which aggressively attacks and destroys civilians and infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine. We will not provide any legal services to Russian businesses and individuals unless they also condemn the war by publicly declaring their position and supporting Ukrainian resistance.

We call on the international legal firms to join us and stop providing any legal services to Russian clients. This will be a strong contribution of the global legal community to stop the war in Ukraine.