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INTEGRITES significantly strengthens and expands its Antitrust & Competition and International Trade Practice, and therefore is pleased to announce the joining of Sergey Lakhno to the team on a position of a Counsel.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the field of trade law, the application of trade and restraint measures and foreign trade regulations issues, Sergey Lakhno specializes in international trade, antitrust and competition law.

Sergey participated in trade-restrictive investigations against Ukrainian products in the EU, Canadian, the US, Brazilian, the Eurasian Economic Union markets, as well as in investigations to protect the domestic market of Ukraine from unfair import.

In INTEGRITES, Sergey mainly focuses on initiation of trade investigations to protect the interests of clients when importing products to Ukraine, as well as protection of clients’ interests in foreign markets when conducting trade investigations against products originating from Ukraine (anti-dumping, safeguard, countervailing investigations). Additionally, Sergey will be involved in assessing the compliance of trade barriers faced by Ukrainian exporters in foreign markets to WTO rules and the obligations of the country that implements them, as well as a range of other issues related to the company’s foreign trade activities.

Prior to joining INTEGRITES, Sergey worked in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, being responsible for the use of economic analysis tools in investigations of violations of the legislation on the economic competition protection, the formation of an effective system for control and monitoring of the state aid provision to business entities, as well as the development of methodological documents for the Law Enforcement Practice of the Committee.

INTEGRITES is an international law firm with offices in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and representative offices in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. The firm provides clients with comprehensive legal advice in all the regions of its presence. 

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INTEGRITES conducted comprehensive legal due diligence for FC Leogaming Pay, LLC
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INTEGRITES successfully defended a client in court on choosing the measure of restraint
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INTEGRITES won USD 30 million arbitration
INTEGRITES have successfully defended interests of the Ukrainian enterprise in the arbitration against Russian chemical giant with USD 30 million at stake.  In this case, Russian company launched arbitration against Ukrainian enterprise under…

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