Olena Perepelynska – Advisory Committee member of the Baltic Litigation Fund


Partner and Head of International Arbitration at INTEGRITES Olena Perepelynska has been appointed as a member of the Baltic Litigation Fund (BLF) Advisory Committee.

Being the first of the kind in the CEE region and the Baltics, the BLF will provide financing for legal and associated costs of international investment and commercial arbitration and litigation disputes in the region.

Together with the other Advisory Committee members, experts in law, finance, and business management with extensive background in the international dispute resolution, Olena Perepelynska will consult the BLF Board about perspective legal, quantum or enforcement implications of particular cases and provide advisory opinions before the Fund renders investment decisions.

Olena Perepelynska: “The Baltic Litigation Fund opens new opportunities for the regional parties seeking financial support for their litigations and arbitrations. I’m honoured to join the BLF Advisory Committee and offer my 18-year experience and expertise to contribute to granting access to justice to the parties in the CEE and the Baltics”.