INTEGRITES partners with the largest startup accelerator in Ukraine


INTEGRITES launches partnership with 1991 Accelerator, the first startup accelerator with the largest pipeline in Ukraine. The firm will provide pro bono legal and mentoring advice to the community members which participate in the 1991 community incubator and acceleration programs. The advice will cover issues of tax, corporate, labour and contractual law, as well as intellectual property rights.

In December 2023, INTEGRITES provided pro bono consultation to the first member of the 1991 Accelerator community, food delivery services integrator GetOrder.Biz. The advice helped the company which has recently raised angel investment to properly regulate relations between the founders.

Vitalii Labadin, senior associate, Tax and Customs: "When the environment is unstable and the legislation landscape quickly transforms, it gets even more challenging for the Ukrainian IT entrepreneurs to develop their startups. We understand the scope of tasks they are facing and will help to resolve them. Through the partnership with 1991 Accelerator, our team will pursue the mission of supporting the resilience and sustainability of the Ukrainian IT&tech community in its advancement both on the local and international arenas."

Oksana Izakova, Senior Project Lead 1991 Accelerator: "Technological business development requires not only innovative thinking, creativity and adaptability, but also special attention to legal issues. The partnership with INTEGRITES will enable our startups to receive professional legal advice, which is an important step towards their success and stability."

1991 Accelerator - one of SocialBoost's flagship projects, the first accelerator in Ukraine with the most highly-focused and deep pipeline. It assists entrepreneurs on their business journey, from a flash of inspiration to real startups, that provide services to citizens, businesses, and government agencies.