The team of INTEGRITES international trade practice has a successful experience in protecting the clients’ interests in trade remedy investigations against products imported into Ukraine as well as Ukrainian products in foreign markets, specifically in the EU, Canada, the USA, Brazil, the Eurasian Economic Union markets.

We offer comprehensive support and representation of interests at all stages of trade remedy investigations (anti-dumping, safeguard, countervailing). From the moment of initiation of the investigation and up to introduction / non-introduction of a remedial measure the INTEGRITES team will make sure that the client's interests are observed both in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, if the products originating from the CIS countries face trade barriers in external markets INTEGRITES international trade team will assess if such trade barriers comply with the WTO rules and obligations of the country applying them and will suggest possible solutions for the problem at hand.


  • Protection of client's interests during trade remedy investigations into imports into the CIS countries, as well as in foreign markets against exports from the countries of the region.
  • Advising on WTO law issues: assessing the legitimacy of the application of trade barriers (tariff, non-tariff, quantitative, other) against exporters in foreign markets in terms of WTO rules.
  • Advising on foreign trade activities of the company.
  • Advising on preferential trade agreements.