INTEGRITES labor law practice team has extensive experience of work on various labor law matters for clients from various industries. Thanks to its experience in advising large foreign and international companies on labor and migration law and deep understanding of case law and approaches of competent state authorities, our team finds individual and most effective solutions for our clients.


  • Drawing up personnel documentation and drafting internal policies
  • Advising on corporate and labor aspects of change of management
  • Drafting employment contracts with managers, including development of incentive systems
  • Drafting collective agreements and representation of client interests in collective bargaining, interaction with trade unions
  • Advising on employment of foreigners, obtaining work permits for foreigners, and migration matters
  • Advising on labor law matters related to earning contributions, provision of loans, payment of compensation and provision of guarantees to employees
  • Resolution of labor law disputes through pre-trial process and in courts
  • Structuring processes for termination of employment relations, advising on mass lay-offs, including through staff downsizing
  • Advising on staff leasing (outsourcing, outstaffing)
  • Checking employment contracts for compliance with applicable labor legislation
  • Advising on personal data protection, protection of and access to information