Individual and sectoral sanctions have traditionally been used by different states and international organisations as a response to alarming geopolitical events, which are capable of having impact on the international landscape.

Although the relative efficiency of various sanctions is subject to open debate, they still need to be taken into account by businesses and very often require restructuring – up to termination – of the commercial dealings.

Historically, sanctions had not been topical for Ukraine. Nevertheless, in the past years Ukraine has found itself at the crossroad of geopolitical interests and, since then, developed the necessary legal framework, which has paved the way to the introduction of numerous relevant measures: mostly, individual sanctions but sectoral ones as well.

INTEGRITES has a dedicated cross-practice team, which includes professionals from the firm’s several transactional and contentious practices. Such approach allows us to address our clients’ sanctions-related needs in different dimensions.

Our historic clients know that they can reach out to us with respect to sanctions whenever they need. In addition to that, our knowledge and expertise are available for the clients from outside our regular portfolio in the event that they need a counsel with the relevant capabilities.

Key services

Sanctions advice

We advise our clients on the applicability of the various sanctions imposed, as well as their scope, effect and liability for breach of the same.

Sanctions compliance

We provide consultations and related services in order to develop and to enforce policies, procedures and template clauses, which allow our clients to ensure – without continuous involvement of an outside counsel – that their day-to-day commercial processes comply with the applicable sanctions regime.

Sanctions monitoring

Regular monitoring of the sanctions that may be imposed upon the entities and individuals, which are relevant for our clients: their current and potential business partners, group companies, controllers and UBOs.

Sanctions due diligence

Due diligence of our clients’ business partners and target companies; identifying sanctions-related red flags in the course of the due diligence procedures.

Sanctions restructuring

We provide recommendations to our clients on restructuring of their commercial relations from the contractual and other perspectives, as well as – to the extent necessary – on terminating such relations; we also assist with implementing such our recommendations.

Lifting sanctions

We assist with investigating the background for the sanctions introduced by the Ukrainian authorities. We also advise our clients on the possibilities to lift the sanctions. In addition, our dispute resolution team is capable of bringing lawsuits in order to challenge individual sanctions through judicial procedure.