INTEGRITES – is a pro bono legal advisor to the Charitable Foundation “LIFELOVER”


From April 1, 2019, INTEGRITES will provide pro bono legal advice for the Charitable Foundation “LIFELOVER”, which organizes leisure for old people and provides them with necessary targeted assistance.

INTEGRITES lawyers, under the guidance of partner Oleksandr Onishchenko, will advise the Fund’s mentees on Social Security, Family, Housing Law and Law of Inheritance, as well as provide legal support to “LIFELOVER” itself on taxation and contractual work.

Oleksandr Onischenko: “For us to do a successful business means not only the responsibility for the welfare of our clients and employees but also helping those who need it. Therefore, we are grateful to join this valuable and important initiative that the “LIFELOVER” fund makes every day. I am convinced that our cooperation will help us resolve a number of legal issues effectively, which will be our contribution to improving the lives of people of the so-called third age.“


The Charitable Foundation “LIFELOVER” is a project founded in 2013 by Garik Korogodsky and Tina Mykhaylovskaya, whose goal is to help the elderly in organizing their leisure time, meeting vital needs and adapting to modern society in conditions of constant change.